Tesla Model 3 Reviews Reveal True Pros And Cons Of Elon Musk's New Mass-Market Electric Vehicle

Tesla Model 3 reviews are popping up more and more on YouTube and they're revealing some of the upsides and drawbacks of Elon Musk's new mass-market electric car. These videos cover both the interior and exterior features of the Model 3 and offer additional insight into how this model is different from previous Tesla vehicles.

In a video from OC Detailing, viewers are taken along for a test drive in a newly detailed Model 3. During the video, the driver, Joseph Trobati, observes some issues with the cruise control feature and that it didn't seem very adaptive. He noted that he didn't feel that the car slowed down or sped up on its own in traffic and that he wasn't able to use the touchscreen to determine how far he wanted to be from the car in front of him.

Speaking of the touchscreen, the reviewer also did not like that the Model 3 doesn't have a split-screen option which will show your navigation and the controls for your music or A/C simultaneously. This is a feature that you can find in a Model S and X. In the Model 3, you have to slide down to see the full map which will take your attention away from the road. He did find that the touchscreen was very responsive, though.

He also liked that he didn't get a lot of road noise while he was in the car and that the noise level was comparable to a Tesla Model S or X. He noted that the car felt very powerful and accelerated well.

"You would not be starved for power in this car," he says at around the 7:30 mark. More good news: by the end of the video, he says that this is a car that he thinks a lot of people are going to love.

Another much longer and more in-depth review of the Tesla Model 3 was posted on YouTube by an account called The Model 3 Owners Club. This is a "stem to stern" review in which they also answer viewer questions that were sent in beforehand. One thing that's important to note is that the hardware in this particular Model 3 was finished, but the software was not.

In the video, they discuss many of the electric car's features, like the ducts that syphon air around the wheel wells, the rain-sensing sensors, the brightwork around the door edges, the charge port, the front and back trunks, and the underside details.

As for the driving experience, they liked the distance between the steering wheel and the touchscreen. They found that it was close enough to make it easy to operate while driving. They also noted that the car's very quiet and you only really hear the tire noise when you're inside.

The car they were driving has the glass roof feature and they found that even though it was sunny outside they weren't feeling the light inside of the vehicle. This is a good indication that the glass is well-tinted and will protect you from UV Rays. As one of the reviewers notes, Tesla has promised that the glass roof offers 99.9 percent UV protection. They also note that the driver gets great visibility from the seat position thanks to the low dashboard and low arcing front hood line.

Do these online reviews change your opinion about the viability of the Tesla Model 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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