WWE NXT Star Gets Backlash From WWE Superstars After Tweeting About Emma's Release

Earlier today, the WWE announced the release of three superstars with the most surprising one being Emma. This release came just days after Emma wrestled in a Monday Night Raw loss to Asuka. However, while many superstars reached out and expressed their respect for Emma, new WWE NXT superstar Lio Rush made an ill-advised comment disrespecting Emma after the release.

Lio Rush's Twitter Post

While Lio Rush has since deleted his disrespectful tweet, 411mania reported that the WWE NXT star posted that "these are the things that happen when you're not TRULY ready for @WWEAsuka." It seemed to be bad timing to post a comment like that when someone loses their job.

Since that post, fans jumped all over the young Lio Rush, but then something even more troubling happened. WWE superstars jumped on him as well, admonishing him for his comments that were seen as disrespectful for the superstars who were there before him.

Fellow WWE NXT star Peyton Royce questioned his "professionalism." Murphy, a WWE NXT tag team specialist, posted a meme to show his disbelief in the Twitter post by Lio Rush. Ricochet, a huge indie superstar posted a Chris Tucker meme as well, showing his disbelief that someone who works for the WWE would possibly sabotage his career like that.

Even WWE main roster superstar Bray Wyatt admonished the young WWE NXT star for his comments about Emma's release.

Lio Rush Posts A Follow Up Comment

While Lio Rush deleted his tweet about Emma's release, he followed up with a second tweet, this one trying to explain his actions. In this new tweet, Lio Rush talked about respect among professional wrestlers.

WWE NXT Star Gets Backlash From WWE Superstars After Tweeting About Emma's Release
[Image by WWE]

He then said that his controversial tweet was "blown out of proportion and looked at in a very insensitive way." It is unclear if he was saying he was insensitive or the people who responded were insensitive.

However, Lio Rush went on to say that he is a "family man" and has a four-year-old child and is expecting another. He said that he would never mock someone who lost their job. Lio Rush then wished Emma good luck on her post-WWE career because she is an "amazing performer" and a "respected athlete."

There is no telling if his apology will be enough to appease his co-workers, as the WWE is a tough place when someone shows disrespect for others in the locker room.

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