October 29, 2017
'Outlander' Episode 7 Reveals Shocking Jamie Secret [Spoiler]

In the Season 3, Episode 7 of the hit Starz series Outlander, titled "Crème De Menthe," Jamie dropped a real bomb in the last few minutes. He has not had another wife! Say it ain't so!

There had been a few subtle hints in the last couple of episode that there was something Jamie (Sam Heughan) was hiding from Claire (Caitriona Balfe)—something that required the use of lawyer Ned Gowan. Hmmm. What could that be?

It all came down to a conversation between Jamie and his adopted son Fergus (César Domboy).

"Milady does not yet know about your other wife?" said Fergus.

"No, not yet. I will explain everything once Claire and Young Ian are safe." said Jamie.

Jamie typically doesn't keep things away from Claire, so this reveal will be a doozie.

As the title of the upcoming episode is "First Wife," there is a lot to look forward to. In the trailer, Claire and Jamie are shown having one of their epic fights, and she is not at all happy with his new news.

Claire is shown saying "You lied to me. You told me about your son. Why did you not tell me about this?" She adds, "I'm not sure if we belong together anymore."

Even though Jamie and Claire have only been reunited for a very brief time, their chemistry is still as hot as ever. One thing they had going for them when they first met was honesty. She even told him about her time-traveling secret and he believed her. Now that she came back to him through time once again bringing with her modern surgical equipment, photos of their daughter Brianna, and an awesome zippered corset that show that she is a modern woman who came as prepared as possible to thrive in the 18th Century.

Now, fans of the book already think they know who this bride is. However, showrunner Ron Moore has been known to make a few changes from the books by Diana Galbadon. So it is possible that die-hard fans will be surprised, but it is unlikely.

One character who was an important part of Season 1 of Outlander has been absent and we haven't heard from her at all. No, not Mrs. Fitz, though it would be great to know how she is doing too. Who could that person be?

Something also teased in the trailer is the seemingly frosty reunion between sisters-in-law Claire and Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly). While they got to a wonderful bad start in Season 1, Episode 12 entitled "Lallybroch", they quickly became friends and allies.

A Jenny and Claire reconciliation is another reason to look forward to next week's episode "First Wife," but the bigger questions are who is this woman Jamie married and how could he marry someone else?

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