Dental Drill Falls Down Swedish Woman’s Throat During Procedure

A dental drill bit became lodged in a Swedish woman’s throat after the device reportedly broke during a routine procedure last September.

Reports indicate the dental drill came loose and slid down the woman’s throat before doctors could tell her to spit it out. Instead of heading to her stomach, the bit became lodged in the 60-year-old woman’s right lung.

According to Gawker, the woman was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery. Thankfully, doctors were able to successfully remove the drill from the patient’s lung.

Hospital officials said the woman was able to make a full recovery.

The Local reports that a bronchoscopy was performed in order to retrieve the dental drill from the woman’s right lung. Vastmanland County Hospital’s medical chief Per Weitz explained that a “pinky-sized tube was sent into her lung with a small camera and pliers to grab hold of the drill.”

Not surprisingly, the hospital has taken steps to ensure this sort of thing never happens again.

Weitz explained to the website:

“What we’ve done at the clinic is to make sure everyone double checks that the drill is attached properly, and we’ve also introduced a routine of testing the drill in the air. That should be done before every procedure now. Unfortunately, drills are going to be dropped every now and then.”

Although this unpleasant scenario may seem unique, this actually isn’t the first time someone in Sweden has accidentally swallowed a dental drill bit.

According to Fox News, a Swedish man swallowed a piece of his dentist’s drill while getting his teeth cleaned. Before the dentist could remove the bit from the patient’s mouth, it disappeared down the man’s throat. Fortunately, the man didn’t require surgery to have the dental drill removed, as doctors expected the patient to remove it “the natural way.”