Calvin Johnson Trade Rumors: NFL Teams Asking Lions About 'Megatron' Deal

Those Calvin Johnson trade rumors suggesting the retired NFL star will return to the league are heating back up. Johnson spent his entire career as a member of the Detroit Lions before announcing his retirement just last year. Since Detroit still owns his rights, it has meant that any interested teams would need to contact the Lions and "Megatron" to get a deal done. They'd also need Johnson to want to play again. It looks like over the past week, several NFL teams have done just that, but will the retired wide receiver decide to make a comeback to the league?

A recent report from ESPN's Adam Scheffer indicates league sources have said two NFL teams have spoken directly to the Detroit Lions about making a trade for Calvin Johnson's rights. It had been suggested by the Lions before that teams should "reach out" to the wide receiver who is currently retired. So far, it's been indicated that there hasn't been much interest on the part of Megatron to make a return to the football field. However, if a team can provide him a good reason to return such as a championship pursuit, that might help sway him to "un-retire."

Calvin Johnson retired from NFL last year
Calvin Johnson retired from NFL last year but several teams have talked to the Lions about a possible deal recently. [Image by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]

A Calvin Johnson trade deal would likely bring a high-priced receiver to a team looking to make a run in the second half. As of this report, it's unknown which two NFL teams were showing recent interest. However, it has been reported many times by ESPN and other sources that Johnson doesn't have any plans to return to the game of professional football. With Johnson being retired for several years, the 32-year-old would probably need to get back into reasonable playing shape, if he's not already there.

Megatron racked up 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns for his career on 731 receptions. He spent from 2007 through 2015 as a member of the Lions' roster, his only NFL team during his career. Johnson was known for making big plays on the field and is considered a future Hall of Fame entrant due to his impressive resume and 11 records held.

One of the talking points to lure Calvin Johnson to make a comeback might be an NFL suitor suggesting they have a shot at a Super Bowl ring, something Johnson was unable to achieve during his Pro-Bowl career.

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