Melania Trump Calls White House 'People's House' As Foreboding Halloween Spiders Compared To Mueller, Obama

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went out on a date during the evening hours of Saturday, October 28, with the couple returning to a White House that was decorated with Halloween decorations. As seen in the above photo, the South Portico of the White House was covered in huge black spiders, spider webs and other decorations for Halloween. Melania also shared the below photo, showing Halloween decorations from the viewpoint of inside the White House, with Melania calling the White House "The People's House."

On social media, some viewers are praising the manner in which the White House is decorated for Halloween, while others are linking the ominous spider webs and insects to growing heat surrounding the White House. As reported by ABC News, President Trump spoke of a political "witch hunt" going on as special counsel Robert Mueller is set to announce an indictment as early as Monday, October 30. The Halloween's Eve potential announcement of at least one unidentified target has prompted folks on Twitter to compare the creepy-looking White House to pending possible trouble for some of its occupants. More than one Twitter user pegged the White House Halloween decorations as a metaphor for Mueller's investigation closing in on its prey.

Other Twitter users wrote that the Halloween decorations were a waste of taxpayer money, with quips about citizens being "scared enough of the boogieman inside" the People's House. In keeping with the Halloween theme of fear, other social media users joked that the White House makeover that happened on Election Day - with Mr. Trump winning the presidency - was enough to strike terror greater than any Halloween could bring.

Plenty of people pointed to the impractical nature of worrying about things like Halloween decorations whilst Puerto Rico was in despair and Mueller's investigation was ongoing. However, not everyone had bad words for the Trump Family regarding their Halloween decorations. At least one Twitter user wrote that they hoped Barron Trump's first Halloween in the White House would be an enjoyable one.

Some reports began to claim that the current White House decorations were better than those displayed by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, while others state the opposite. As seen in the below photo from October 30, 2015, the Obamas welcomed children to a Halloween event at the South Lawn of the White House and handed out candy.

The Obamas celebrate Halloween.
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