WWE Blasts Website For Bringing Up Ultimate Warrior's Past Insensitive Comments

After the WWE fired Hulk Hogan for making racially insensitive comments in a leaked video, the company then welcomed back The Ultimate Warrior, putting him in the WWE Hall of Fame and having him appear on Monday Night Raw. The move was met with confusion by a number of long-time WWE fans, who knew full-well of past comments Warrior made that were more hateful than anything Hogan ever said.

After Vice Sports released an article accusing the WWE of whitewashing the Ultimate Warrior past comments, the WWE struck back by blasting the website for having a "misguided" agenda.

The Ultimate Warrior Controversy

After the Ultimate Warrior left the WWE in the '90s, he made some very controversial statements over the years. The WWE was not happy with Warrior leaving the way that he did and even went on to release a DVD burying their former superstar called The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.

For his part, Ultimate Warrior did a lot of writing on his personal Internet blog and even shot videos talking to his fans and the general public. In those videos and blog posts, Warrior made a lot of comments that fall under the label of hate speech.

After Hurricane Katrina, Ultimate Warrior said that the people affected were already "ruined" due to their own "bad choices" and that the hurricane was just "rearranging the furniture."

Ultimate Warrior had made controversial statements about Martin Luthor King Jr., saying he talked about "proper, righteous behavior," but was an adulterer. He also insulted members of the LGBTQ community, Heath Ledger after his death, and even said that he hoped Bobby "The Brain" Heenan would die from cancer.

To their credit, Vice did talk to Ultimate Warrior's widow Dana Warrior for their story. According to Dana, she will not speak ill of her late husband, but she did say that his "heart changed" thanks to discussions he had with his daughters. She admitted that he evolved and bettered himself over time.

WWE Blasts Website For Bringing Up Ultimate Warrior's Past Insensitive Comments
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'Unleash Your Warrior' Campaign

This article by Vice comes after the WWE started their #UnleashYourWarrior campaign. While Hulk Hogan remains unemployed thanks to a racial statement he made in a leaked video, the WWE is still utilizing Ultimate Warrior's name in their charitable campaigns.

The WWE released a statement in response to the Vice Sports article and said that their "Unleash Your Warrior" campaign is about breast cancer awareness and their WWE Hall of Fame Warrior Award is for individuals who exhibit strength and courage.

As a result of these charitable endeavors, the WWE says that trying to "distract from the mission" by pointing out the Ultimate Warrior's actions is "misguided."

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