'Shahs Of Sunset' Mike Shouhed's Ex, Jessica Parido, Dashes Hope Of A Reconciliation

Throughout Season 6 of Shahs of Sunset, Mike Shouhed's ex, Jessica Parido, was frequently mentioned, by both Mike and his co-stars. There was talk that Mike and Jessica were still involved with one another, even after they signed their divorce papers. At one point, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi and Reza Farahan even speculated that Mike spent a night with Jessica while the group were in New York City. On the season finale episode, Mike and his co-stars spoke of a possible reconciliation between him and Jessica. Unfortunately for viewers hoping to see Mike and Jessica together again, that seems highly unlikely to happen since Jessica is now in a relationship with celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna, also known as Mr. Flawless. Not only has Jessica made it very clear via her recent Instagram photos that she's very happy with her new beau, she has outright told a viewer that she's not getting back together with Mike.

A preview for part 2 of the Season 6 reunion show, airing tonight, shows host Andy Cohen asking the cast to raise their hands if they think Mike, in the past year, has slept with Jessica. The camera shows GG, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Shervin Roohparvar raising their hands. Shervin tells Mike to raise his hand. Mike frowns and shakes his head no.

Did Jessica and Mike really hook up over the past year? In a Shahs After Show filmed after the season finished, Mercedes "MJ" Javid and Reza claimed that Mike and Jessica were together in Cancun over New Year's Eve. MJ said that Mike took Jessica to Cancun "on the down low." Reza added that while Mike posted photos of only himself on the beach in Cancun, their friends saw him there with Jessica. MJ said that Mike and Jessica weren't fooling anyone.

"Right. They were like, 'Hey, Mike and Jessica are together, right now,' and so they thought they were so slick stupid, that they could both post that they were there at the same time."
As viewers saw in one Shahs of Sunset Season 6 episode, GG claimed that Jessica Parido and Mike Shouhed spent the night together in New York City and that they were still hooking up back home. GG used as evidence an Instagram photo that Mike posted of his dog in his home that seemed to show Jessica in the background.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Jessica denied to a viewer that she met up with Mike in New York City. Jessica also denied that she was betraying Mike by being in a relationship with a friend of his. Jessica clarified that Mike and Mr. Flawless weren't even friends. In the New York City episode, Mike met up with Mr. Flawless to help Mercedes "MJ" Javid buy some jewelry. Mike gave the impression that he and Mr. Flawless were friends.

Whether or not Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido really did reconcile earlier this year, Jessica is now making it clear that she has moved on with Mr. Flawless and won't be getting back together with Mike. Earlier in the weekend, Jessica posted a photo of herself cuddling up to Greg Yuna. A viewer left a comment wishing that Jessica gets back with Mike. Jessica immediately told the viewer to give up that hope.
"arthur969696: Still holding out hope you get back with Mike."

"jessica___:@arthur969696 give it up bro"

Jessica has also recently expressed amusement with how often she's mentioned on Shahs of Sunset.
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