Jim Bob Duggar Is Reportedly Hoping For 100 Grandchildren

Jim Bob Duggar may have given up on having 20 children (which was reportedly his goal with his wife, Michelle) but the partriarch of the mega family is reportedly hoping for 100 grandchildren.

Recently, an unverified source claiming to be a family friend of the Duggars answered questions the public had about the super-size clan on the official Reddit for 19 Kids and Counting. One of the questions was about Jim Bob and Michelle and whether they had wanted more children than they had.

Jim Bob and Michelle have been famous for saying they want as many children as God will bless them with, and that you can't have too many children just as you can't have too many flowers in the garden. According to the anonymous tipster, the pair had wanted 20 children, but fell short of that goal after Michelle was advised not to carry any more children after the miscarriage of Jubilee. She would have been their 20th child.

Since this is the case, the Redditor claims that Jim Bob Duggar has instead decided that he wants 100 grandchildren, and hopes that his 19 kids will deliver.

Thus far, the pair are grandparents to nine grandchildren, with a tenth on the way early next year, making Jim Bob's reported goal 10 percent complete.

Thus far, almost every Duggar has announced they are expecting mere months after their wedding day. The only exception thus far has been Jinger Duggar Vuolo, who has been married for one year and has not yet made a birth announcement. While some fans eagerly await Jinger and her husband Jeremy to let the world know they're ready for their first child, others have cheered Jinger on for being her own person and not falling into the same trap.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, the couple's ninth child, is expecting her first baby with Austin Forsyth, her new husband, sometime in the new year.

Joseph Duggar, the second male to be married, just tied the knot with his girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell. The pair have only been married about a month, but fans are eagerly waiting to see if they will follow the pattern and shortly announce a pregnancy.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]