WWE News: WWE Starts Late Spring Cleaning As Three Superstars Suddenly Released -- More Rumored To Go

When it comes time for WWE to start cleaning house, it is something that usually happens in March or May, but it looks as if they decided to wait until later in the year this time around. It appears as if someone simply decided that a few superstars no longer needed to be a part of the company and have come to terms on their release. As of early Sunday morning, three are already gone, but there are rumors that more cuts are to come.

It was the official website of WWE that first broadcast the news of the releases and while two aren't overly surprising, the third is quite shocking.

"WWE has come to terms on the releases of WWE Superstars Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae.

"WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors"

Darren Young and Summer Rae have both been off of WWE television for quite a long time due to injuries and creative having nothing for them. Their releases aren't too shocking, but it is interesting to see that Emma is no longer with WWE after all that has gone on with her in the last year or two.

wwe news emma darren young summer rae released spring cleaning
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As word of the releases made the rounds, the Internet community began to comment.

Meltzer is obviously speaking about all three superstars have dealt with a lot of them in the past couple of years.

WWE didn't have a lot for Summer Rae to do ever since last year, and she was even drafted to Monday Night Raw last summer. Still, she was dealing with a lot of injuries and they have kept her off of WWE television for more than a year. She had been training for a comeback, but it just wasn't enough.

wwe news emma darren young summer rae released spring cleaning
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Darren Young has also been dealing with a lot of injuries that have kept the former Tag Team Champion off of TV for most of the last two years. Young missed time here and there before returning to be teamed up with Bob Backlund, but he soon suffered an arm injury that took him out again.

He's been out of the ring since January and WWE's patience simply appeared to grow too thin.

Emma is one of the strange releases, but it still makes some sense. She has had a lot of chances and is very talented, but injuries plagued her for the past two years and kept her out of the ring more than she was in it. Throw the failed Emmalina gimmick on top of things, and WWE was merely out of ideas.

With those three releases, rumor has it that more could be on the way.

At this time, there are no other names being tossed around as to who could be released from WWE's main roster or NXT, but the rumors are there. For now, it has been confirmed that Summer Rae, Emma, and Darren Young have been wished well and they are no longer with the company. Injuries plagued all three of these talented superstars, but they may just the beginning of some very late spring cleaning in 2017.

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