'Criminal Minds' Season 13 Episode 6 Spoilers: BAU Deals With Missing Women Case, Reid, JJ In Danger

After fans saw Shemar Moore's return to Criminal Minds in Episode 5, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) moves on to the next case involving missing women. It's an all-new case in Season 13 since the episode will likely introduce a new UnSub and a bizarre story.

CBS has offered only minor details on Season 13's Episode 6, titled "The Bunker." As per the synopsis, multiple women have gone missing in Virginia and the BAU will race against time to locate the victims by finding out how they are connected to each other and how many there are.

Judging by the title of Criminal Minds Season 13's Episode 6, it is believed that the UnSub has kept the women hidden in a bunker. If not, the bunker could be a place that will bring another exciting twist to the story, as speculated by Carter Matt.

A trailer for Season 13 Episode 6 has also been released and it's not looking great for JJ (A.J. Cook) and Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). In the clip, JJ appeared to have connected the dots on the time of the women's abduction - all of them have been taken at around 12 midnight.

Reid and JJ are also seen getting inside the bunker, presumably on the hunt for the UnSub, but what they didn't realize is that they have just walked into a trap. Fans agree that Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6 will be great considering these two agents are in a difficult situation. Reid has been through a lot already and now he's going to be in trouble again.

Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6 will feature a missing women case
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In another scene, it showed that there are children and several women - one of them is smiling and another is seen to be pregnant. Could these be the abducted women and could the UnSub be getting them pregnant? More importantly, will JJ and Reid be able to escape? Fans will just have to wait for Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6 to find out.

Another thing that makes Episode 6 interesting is that cast member Aisha Tyler, who plays Tara Lewis, directed this particular episode. Although Tyler may not be new to the job of directing, it will be her first time to work on an episode of Criminal Minds. Gubler and Joe Mantegna have directed a number of episodes for the CBS series over the years and Tyler's directorial debut could be a start of a new tradition for her.

Here's the trailer for Episode 6.

Watch the new episode of Criminal Minds Season 13 on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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