Why Katie Holmes Is Not Pushing Jamie Foxx To Go More Public With Romance, Tom Cruise History Lesson Learned

Katie Holmes remains a hot topic of reports and rumors as of late seeing as she and actor and singer Jamie Foxx have been keeping the masses guessing as to the status of their relationship. In addition to Holmes being a fantastic actress and having just made her directorial debut this past year, the mother of Suri Cruise found herself most prominently in the spotlight for her romance and marriage to action superstar Tom Cruise.

The relationship started in a bizarre manner that saw Cruise professing his love for Katie while jumping emphatically on Oprah's onset sofa and then ended with a supposed bizarre contract that reportedly included a clause that meant Holmes could not date publicly for 5 years following their divorce, as the Mirror noted.

The publication reminded readers of the bizarre split details that saw Holmes announce her intention to divorce the star via a phone call to Cruise.

"Much has been reported about their bizarre divorce - and how Katie literally fled the country to get herself and daughter Suri away - but the actress has never spoken publicly about life as part of TomKat."
Scientology, a faith that Cruise is a devout member of, is said to have played a pivotal role in the demise of the seemingly fairly tale marriage.

The constant media frenzy which surrounded Katie Holmes from the start to finish of her relationship with Cruise, makes it clear as to why the stunner has opted to be more private about her life ever since the divorce.

Despite the rumored contract, it has been over 5 years since the divorce and it seems that Katie has opted to continue on in a more secretive manner with Jamie Foxx. Although neither has spoken about the status of their bond, Foxx and Holmes clearly have one that is special to both stars seeing as it has been ongoing for years now, whether platonic or otherwise.

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It is for the above-stated reasons that the latest rumors about Holmes pushing Jamie Foxx to go public are completely ridiculous. Gossip Cop has since stamped out the said claims, noting the facts of the relationship between the pair.

"'Katie Holmes Pushing Jamie Foxx To Go More Public With Their Relationship — Why He's 'Hesitant,'reads the headline of this wholly fabricated piece from HollywoodLife," the gossip policing site states.

GC noted that Katie has never even herself confirmed a romance and is not looking to be thrown back into another media frenzy as she was during her years with Cruise. Although it appears that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are linked, it is clear that privacy is what both stars prefer and it's tough to blame them. One photo of the pair caught walking hand-in-hand is enough to keep the alleged couple in the headlines for weeks.

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