Do The Duggars Celebrate Halloween And What Does Their Religion Say About It?

The media and public remain strongly interested in the Duggar family despite the fact that their show, Counting On, hangs in the balance. As Halloween approaches, many have expressed interest in knowing whether or not the family celebrates the holiday, like many other people around the country.

With their strong Christian convictions and faith, the Duggars do not celebrate Halloween the way most people do in the United States. Michelle Duggar has stated that the family does enjoy corn mazes and other Harvest time activities, but they have chosen not to partake in celebrating the traditional Halloween.

The family often celebrates at church where children can receive candy and toys in what the Duggar family deems a "safe environment" and away from the things that "go on" during Halloween.

According to the Duggar daughters, in their book Growing Up Duggar, the older girls spent time canvassing for their father who was running for public service at the time on Halloween. While doing so, they said they completely forgot it was Halloween since they don't celebrate, and were offered candy and gifts from their neighbors. They finally decided to wait until the next day to continue their mission, once they realized that families suspected they were trick-or-treating.

The family is also wary of magic, which is often incorporated in secular TV shows, films and books, which is partially why the family also avoids them and sticks to only Christian media. Jinger Duggar Vuolo, however, has stated that she does watch non-Christian films and TV shows, but she and her husband have frequently been seen at events for Christian films.

The family will dress up at times, however, for instance if they are participating in a play or pageant at church or allow the children to dress up for fun. But they are not allowed to do so on Halloween. They have also dressed up to get free sandwiches at Chick-fil-A.

So while the Duggar family may be seen with pumpkins and other autumnal items, it should be noted that they are definitely not partaking in Halloween. Instead, the family is simply enjoying the season.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]