Is Amy Schumer Poised For A Professional Comeback? Or Is It Just Another Calm Before A Storm?

Amy Schumer, comedian turned actress, has always been a magnet for controversy. Much of it she brings upon herself with her edgy remarks and unpopular world views. It always seems as if she has a very strong opinion to share -- and a "not so classy" way to share it. Lately though, the public has been seeing a kinder and gentler side to Schumer -- indicating that she either has a fantastic publicist, or she's finally taken some of the negative backlash to heart. Either way, her career is starting to find stable footing in a new Broadway venture, and her public appearances have been nothing short of "touching."

On Nov. 4, the comedian will make her Broadway debut in Steve Martin's newest play, Meteor Shower. E News featured a "proud parent" moment yesterday when Schumer posted a picture of her father, Gordon Schumer, enjoying her rehearsals on her Instagram account.

Her post was captioned, "@meteorshowerbwy previews begin next week. My dad came to watch rehearsal yesterday and loved it so the important reviews are in!"

Amidst her controversial beginnings, Amy Schumer's history was often overlooked. In 2016 fans were given a glimpse into the true nature of the star when she publicly bought back the family farm. No, this isn't some feel good movie plot -- Amy Schumer's family had lost their home when she was 12 due to her father's battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation and family solidarity, Schumer purchased the home and gave it back to the father that had worked so hard to bring her up. She conveyed some of the home's importance when she posted a video on Instagram showing a young Amy Schumer playing among the rows of corn as her father teased her.

This type of bond has helped to cast Amy Schumer in a new light after her poor relationship with the public following a string of off color and offensive jokes. At one point, MSNBC captured her very public apology for her comedic stylings that included derogatory racial remarks and claims of feminism. Schumer hasn't been shy about many of her struggles growing up, but had not allowed them to take center stage.

In 2013, Schumer did an interview with the Morning Edition's David Greene. She spoke out about watching her father battle Multiple Sclerosis saying, "It's the most painful thing in the world to just watch this person that you love ultimately just digress and kind of decompose. And it's too heavy and you have to find a way to laugh at it."

The star continued, "I will on stage go to a very dark place and make light of things that are painful. And it makes me feel better to hear about other people's struggles, so I like to share mine."

This won't necessarily be the case with her role in the upcoming Meteor Shower at the Booth Theatre. Andy Lefkowitz of Broadway Buzz describes the production, saying, "Meteor Shower takes place on a hot night in Ojai, California, when Corky (Schumer) and her husband, Norm (Tudyk), are having another couple over for dinner. Laura (Benanti) and Gerald (Key), though, aren't looking for a casual evening of polite small talk with new friends. Eventually, the two couples find themselves in a marital free-fall matched in velocity and peril only by the smoldering space rocks tearing through the sky."

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