Sex Doll Brothel’s Plastic ‘Girls’ So Realistic That Yoko’s Warmth Sparks Competition With Well-Endowed Katy?

Who knew that there was a sex doll brothel or that a brothel filled with plastic dolls was even a feasible notion, to begin with? It seems that under the adage, “if you build it they will come,” someone out there had an idea and a sex doll brothel was born along with a hefty customer base. This business is flourishing, according to owner Sergi Prieto, who has made a living at supplying very realistic thermoplastic elastomer sex dolls to customers out of his brothel called LumiDolls. He claims it is the world’s first sex doll brothel and no one has challenged that claim so far.

According to the New York Post, LumiDolls operates out of Barcelona, Spain, but you will not find an address for the business advertised anywhere. Customers are supplied with the secret location once they’ve prepaid online for a session at this sex doll brothel.

Customers also have the option of a home visit from one of these dolls, changing the meaning of the term “call girl” to “call dolls.” Prieto, who is looking to expand this business worldwide, may be the first to provide a sex doll brothel in a city near you one day. So just how does this sex doll brothel work?

As a customer, you have a few price options and once you prepay for your option online, you are emailed the address where your experience with a doll will take place. According to the New York Post, “On-premises sessions are around $90 for 30 minutes or up to $210 for two hours,” but you have an option for one of these dolls to come to your home for $275.

Once you get to that secret location you will find your doll is waiting for you to roleplay your wildest fantasies and the doll is posed in the position you request before you arrive. The room is very private and along with the bed, there is a TV with adult films for your viewing pleasure, according to the New York Post.

The four types of sex dolls at this brothel come with names. They are Katy, Kanda, Lily, and Yoko and you can request how they are dressed. Your plastic brothel partner can be adorned as a schoolgirl, an executive, or as a fitness woman to satisfy a fetish you may have.

According to the Metro, Sergi offered up his thoughts on how he sees this as the future of sex. “Customers come to seek new sexual experiences and new ways of ‘living sex’. Like us, they believe that this is the beginning of the sex of the future,” says Sergi.

The Metro describes these dolls as “hyper-realistic.” They suggest if you take Sergi’s word for this, “then sex of the future involves money and molded plastic.”

Some customers become so enamored with their plastic love-making partner that they want a sex doll of their own. It does happen, some folks become so attached that they want to take one home for good. If that is the case, LumiDolls offers a fleet of “girls” for the offering, with 54 options “that cater to every possible taste.” Once you make a choice and are set on purchasing your own thermoplastic elastomer doll, be prepared to plop down a few thousand dollars.

Prices for these dolls start at $2,000. Some might think this is a bargain for a life-long partner who never ages a day in their plastic life while remaining at the ready for your every whim. Then again, some might not.

Sanitizing of the dolls is done with an antibacterial solution between customers, but customers are encouraged to wear a condom. Just like you’d imagine in a brothel filled with real women, there is competition among these plastic ladies.

According to the owner, it was Katy, who at 5-feet-6-inches tall and sporting some extremely inflated lips, was a stand-out favorite. It is safe to say it wasn’t her personality that added to her popularity because she doesn’t have one. But her long blond hair and well-endowed mammary glands might have added to the attraction.

Katy now has competition with Yoko sneaking up behind her in the popularity department. What does Yoko have that Katy doesn’t? It isn’t because she is smart and exciting to talk to because both ladies are realistically a lump of molded plastic. Yoko is a new and improved model who provides heat.

Yes, the heated Yoko, which will cost the customer a little more than the non-heated plastic ladies, is becoming the favorite of the clientele. It seems Yoko’s body temperature mimics a human, so she offers one more realistic level than the other cold plastic girls do not.

The sex doll brothel opened in February of this year and complaints are plentiful The Metro reports the brothel is receiving complaints from “just about everyone.” The local residents and city officials are not big fans of this business. Another venue weighing in with their complaints is the Association of Sex Professionals (Aprosex). They said:

“The sex-affection of a person cannot be provided by a doll. They are different and compatible services. They do not communicate. They do not listen to you or caress you, they do not comfort you or look at you. They do not give you their opinion or drink a glass of champagne with you.”

Prietro said that many of the clients that frequent LumiDolls are from the U.K. and because there is so much enthusiasm for this service from this neck of the woods, he is looking to set up shop in the U.K. as well. He also said that the customers are so enchanted with the LumiDolls that some are opting to own one of their own.

The LumiDolls that are for sale vary greatly in appearance. One doll named Emily is not only “expressionless,” but she “horrifyingly appears to have her eyes permanently closed,” critiques the Metro.

You can choose from doll who looks a bit classy, like “Mara, the lovely Nina, or Esther who has a touch of Audrey Hepburn.” The Metro also suggests if you “simply want a dead-eyed, pliable sex object, take your pick from Molly, Aki, Luna, Vanessa, and Rena,” with more they could add to this list.

While the dolls can’t move, talk, gaze into your eyes or even offer up the slightest hint that they are enjoying their session, they do have some assets on the plus side. They make no demands, they don’t have bad breath, they can’t communicate their displeasure, and there’s not a hint of cellulite on their tight plastic bodies.

The Metro offered up a survey to their readers with the question, “Would you buy a LumiDoll?” This question had “No it’s weird” gathering 54 percent of the votes. The only other option that was offered came in with a close 46 percent of the votes, and that was “Sure why not?” That is close to a split decision, so maybe others share Prietro’s vision for the future? Some might find the future of love-making looking more like the movie The Stepford Wives if this continues down the line and more and more technology is added to these dolls.

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