'Little People, Big World': See Cousins Jackson And Ember Roloff Pose Side-By-Side In Cute New Baby Picture

Infant cousins Jackson and Ember Roloff will be joining the Little People, Big World cast when the TLC reality show's 13th season starts. But with the new season's start date still up in the air, many fans are staying glued to social media instead, waiting and hoping for photos of the Roloff family's two youngest members. These include a brand new Instagram photo, courtesy of baby J's mom Tori Roloff, showing both Jackson and Ember lying down on the same bed, side-by-side and flashing varying expressions for the camera.

When it came to captioning her latest Instagram post on Saturday evening, Tori chose to be a woman of few words, succinctly summing up how happy she is to have a son and a niece born in the same year. As most Little People, Big World fans know by now, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had their first child, Ember Jean, last month, just four months after Zach and Tori Roloff became first-time parents when Jackson Kyle was born.

"I mean... I can't believe these two get to grow up together," wrote Tori, describing her joy in seeing baby Jackson and Ember Roloff posing in one of their few photos together so far.

As seen in the photo below, baby J is wearing a striped shirt, with his eyes partly open as he flashes a serious face for the camera. Ember, on the other hand, looks to be sound asleep in her white baby dress, or at the very least closing her eyes with her arms up and her fists clenched.

The new photo is the latest in a series of images featuring Jackson and/or Ember Roloff, as it wasn't too long ago when the two infants, together with their parents, were at Roloff Farms to visit the pumpkin patch. Both Jackson and Ember had their own pumpkin patch photos, with Tori sharing what appeared to be more images from that trip earlier this week, and Audrey talking about the importance of a Roloff kid having their first pumpkin patch photo as she snapped Ember Jean posing by a bunch of pumpkins.

As noted by The Hollywood Gossip, baby Jackson and Ember Roloff were in the same photo for the first time in the first week of October, with the two babies holding hands in an endearing pose. Just like in the new image, Jackson was showing his personality in the photo, while Ember appeared to be trying to sleep, doing the "newborn baby thing" as she kept her eyes shut while being snapped for her aunt Tori's Instagram feed.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]