'General Hospital' Spoilers: Shelly Altman Previews Fate Of Port Charles Couples For November

General Hospital spoilers tease the month of November will be pivotal for all of Port Charles. Residents will have diverse opinions on who the real Jason Morgan is, and this will touch the lives of various residents. The current Jason (Billy Miller) insists Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is an impostor. There will be a ruckus in town, and Carly might turn back on her word. After all, she was the one who confirmed Jason's identity.

In the November issue of Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital co-head writer Shelly Altman revealed what's waiting for Port Charles residents in the aftermath of the twin Jason reveal.

Relationships In Trouble

Franco was one of the first people to discover about Drew's existence. General Hospital spoilers tease Franco will learn more details about Drew. He will figure out Andre has been working with the enemy. From his confrontation with Andre, he will realize someone more powerful is behind the scheme. While Franco is keen on learning the truth, he might have to keep the details secret. All these secrets could eventually take its toll on their relationship.

Pretend Lovers

General Hospital spoilers tease Valentin and Anna seem to have entangled fates. Anna and Finn are still trying to maintain a pretend relationship to fool Cassandra. These two are keen on pretending to be lovers although there could be consequences for them. If Anna got herself a pretend boyfriend, Valentin is determined about leaving his old life and starting a new one. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen with Cassandra in town. The woman is a huge threat to his family and happiness.

Love Forecasts For Port Charles Couples

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava and Griffin are in a relationship, and things will continue to be interesting for this couple. Griffin thinks Ava is a good person, and the question remains if she can be redeemed by his love or not. Plus, she will also be part of the investigation behind Patient 6's identity. After all, she was the first to cross paths with the man while she was in a hospital in Russia.

Spoilers suggest Maxie could blow up the entire ruse behind Man Landers without meaning too. Amy will be in hot water when this happens, but Nathan will get caught in a difficult situation too.

Laura will face a dilemma, and Kevin's big surprise will blow up in his face. Spoilers tease this could have something to do with a proposal and the sparkling diamond ring which goes with it.

Speaking of couples, these two are not the only ones with issues. Lulu will pursue a career, and one of her plots will put her in a difficult position with Dante. Things are not looking too good for this couple.

Meanwhile, Michael will also continue questioning his relationship with Nelle. General Hospital Spoilers tease he will receive new information which could redefine his relationship with Nelle.

Kiki and Dillon will have their own share of problems to deal with. They will face common struggles career-oriented professionals often face.

Oscar's parentage will also be dealt with. General Hospital spoilers tease His mother's identity will finally come to light this month. With Josslyn's, help he might learn who his father is once and for all.

Next week, Shelly Altman tease Patient 6's presence during the Aurora Media party will stir up questions. General Hospital spoilers from Altman also reveals there will be more twists and turns in the story and the face-off between the two Jasons is just the beginning.

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