Neurotic People May Actually Be Healthy [Study]

If you’re a person who becomes a nervous wreck about whether the oven was turned off before you left the house, you may be gaining some health benefits for all that worry.

According to a study of urine, blood, and saliva samples of about 1,000 adults in the National Survey of Midlife Development in the US database, scientists concluded that having a neurotic personality may actually be good for you — to some degree anyway. summarized the findings:

“According to a new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center, self-described neurotics who also have high levels of conscientiousness (for instance, those who are organized, plan ahead, and are extremely self-controlled) experience lower levels of Interleukin 6 (IL-6), a biomarker for inflammation and chronic disease. In addition to lower levels of IL-6, self-described neurotics also have lower body-mass index scores and fewer diagnosed chronic health conditions.”

If you are wondering about the definition of neurotic, according to Medline Plus neurotics tend to be moody, nervous, and worry all the time, while conscientious people are organized, responsible, and hardworking.

University of Rochester’s Dr. Nicholas Turiano commenting on the findings:

“Most studies find that a higher level of neuroticism is associated with increased substance abuse, higher inflammation, and increased risk of mortality. However, what we found was that when people are high both in neuroticism and conscientiousness, the conscientiousness buffers the negative effects of neuroticism.”

He added that “these people are likely to weigh the consequences of their actions, and therefore their level of neuroticism coupled with conscientiousness probably stops them from engaging in risky behavior” and to also seek treatment when they get ill.

Further research is planned to provide confirmation as to whether so-called “healthy neurotics” actually have fewer chronic health conditions.

In another surprising study, researchers recently concluded that having a short fuse is healthier than keeping your emotions inside.

Do you believe that it is possible to be stressed out all the time and have other neurotic personality characteristics and still qualify as healthy?

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