Alex Ovechkin Downplays Act Of Kindness As He Buys Homeless Man A Winter Coat In Edmonton

The Washington Capitals had a day off while they were in Edmonton, Alberta, on October 27, prior to playing the Oilers Saturday night, and some of the players, including Alex Ovechkin, decided to go shopping in their downtime. While the players were out in the city, Ovechkin apparently saw a man on the street who was not even wearing a shirt, and although the temperature was actually considered to be warm for the season by Edmonton standards, it was still only about 50 degrees outside.

According to the Washington Post, Alex Ovechkin did end up shopping with his teammates, but it was ultimately a chance for the hockey player to do something good for someone else. Rather than purchasing something for himself, Ovechkin apparently ended up purchasing a winter coat, sweater, and a hat for the homeless man.

The act of kindness was witnessed by a local cafe, which posted about what they saw on their Twitter page. As the first report of Alex Oechkin's good deed, The Sequel Cafe posted that they "saw The Alex Ovechkin take off his winter jacket and hat and give it to a homeless man he passed on the street." While the cafe was the first to share the story, on Saturday morning, reporters decided to ask the hockey player himself about what happened.

When reporters asked Alex Ovechkin about giving clothes to the homeless man, he did confirm what happened, but as one reporter tweeted, he seemed to be very uncomfortable speaking about what he had done. However, in response to their questions about what he had done, the hockey player said, "If you see a guy almost naked out there with that kind of temperature, I think every human can do something, you know."
For fans of hockey and Alex Ovechkin in particular, the news of his act of charity in Edmonton comes as no surprise, as he has a rather well-documented history of charitable activities. As NBC Sports reported, the way Ovechkin sees things, "every human can do something" in order to help others. However, while he may have done something good for someone in need, Ovechkin was not looking for praise or acknowledgment, instead it was simply about doing something good for someone else.
[Featured Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]