'Young And The Restless' Star Kristoff St. John Breaks His Silence: 'Life Begins Now'

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) news reveal that fan-favorite Kristoff St. John, the actor who plays Neil Winters, spoke out on social media. It's the first time he has tweeted since he allegedly threatened to kill himself and was placed on a suicide hold at a psychiatric facility. He didn't share much, but what he said made the Young and the Restless fans feel relieved that he seemed to be in a better frame of mind. It's a huge relief for the fans and followers that were worried about the star.

Last week, TMZ reported that Kristoff texted a former girlfriend a picture of himself holding a gun to his head and threatening to end his life. She called law enforcement, and they took him to get a mental health evaluation. Mia St. John, Kristoff's ex-wife, claims the reports about the Young and the Restless actor were false. She offered an exclusive to E! Online, confirming that an incident occurred but denied that he was suicidal. She encouraged Kristoff's fans to pray for him in the days ahead.

Kristoff's tweet did not explain what happened to him last week. However, it teased that he was in better spirits and possibly on his road to a quick recovery. It isn't known yet if his hospital stay will affect his storyline on Young and the Restless.

Kristoff has struggled to accept his son Julian St. John's death. His son lost his battle with mental illness in 2014, and it has been tough for him to accept the circumstances surrounding his death. Julian had schizophrenia and was in treatment for depression and suicidal thoughts. The facility not only did not check on him every 15 minutes like they were supposed to, but they also had the nurses falsify medical records to say he was checked on regularly. The surveillance camera proved that they hadn't checked on St. John in over an hour. Since Julian's death, Kristoff and Mia have been huge advocates for mental health awareness and their son's death has led to a change in regulations at many mental health facilities.

St. John appeared to be in a better frame of mind and focused on getting better. Fortunately, Kristoff reached out and was able to get the help he needed. If you ever feel the urge to hurt yourself, please talk to someone you can trust. If you have no one in your life to talk to, you can always contact National Suicide Hotline. Someone is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. They can be reached at 1-800-273-8255

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