'Poldark' Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: What It's About And When It Airs On PBS

Just like a recent opinion piece on the Inquisitr, Poldark Season 3 Episode 5 has one thing on its mind, Drake Carne (Harry Richardson) and Morwenna Chynoweth's (Ellise Chappell) relationship. The star-crossed couple has been facing an uphill battle to be together since Season 3 began, and Episode 5 will see all of their efforts come to a head.

The young would-be lovers take center stage in the fifth episode of the season as their families are drawn into the drama tearing them apart. Settle in for this in-depth look at the first episode of Season 3's second half. First things first, here's the official synopsis for the episode via PBS' press room.

Caution: Mild spoilers for Poldark Season 3 Episode 5 are discussed below.

"Frogs drive George to the breaking point, leading him to set a trap for Drake. A gift from Geoffrey Charles proves deadly. Dwight's prison experience threatens his relationship with Caroline."
Are you ready to dig a little deeper into what these teases mean? Then let's get started.

Drake's childish antics have adult consequences

If you thought Morwenna had actually taken Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) and Demelza's (Eleanor Tomlinson) advice to steer clear of Drake, and Elizabeth's counsel to marry for security, think again. As quickly as she attempted to put out the flame of their forbidden love in Episode 4, Morwenna allows passion to reignite between her and Drake in Episode 5.

Drake (Harry Richardson), Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), and Sam (Tom York) in Episode 5 of PBS' 'Poldark'
[Image by Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]

Fresh off his near-death experience during the rescue mission to save Dwight (Luke Norris), Drake is desperate to win back Morwenna, whose "breakup" with him in Episode 4 was so unconvincing that not even he believed it. So what does Demelza make of all this?

When Episode 5 begins, she is sad that Drake has announced his intentions to leave town, since he cannot have Morwenna. Will Drake get what he wants so he will stay?

Dwight and Caroline battle the wounds of war

Newlyweds Dwight and Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) were reunited at the end of Episode 4 thanks to Ross and company's heroic rescue operation. Sadly, Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth) did not survive the mission, the lone casualty of an otherwise successful effort.

Ross (Aidan Turner) faces another episode of 'Poldark' on PBS
[Image by Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]

As he has been many times, Ross will support the couple during their difficult transition in Episode 5. As previously mentioned on the Inquisitr, Dwight's physical escape from prison may not initially include his mental freedom.

Elsewhere on Poldark

While the rest of Cornwall continues working hard on their latest work endeavor, Drake will continue having a hard time working at all. Is a strong work ethic ever going to be something he is known for? If you have been watching Season 3, you probably know the answer.

Elsewhere, expect an interesting reveal about George (Jack Farthing) and Ross's relationship, as some crucial backstory from their adolescence comes into play in Episode 5. Find out what it is when Poldark Season 3 continues. Episode 5 premieres at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.

[Featured Image by Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE]