Tara Reid: I Weigh 95 Pounds But I'm Not Anorexic - Reid Speaks Of Skinny Wardrobe Malfunction Photos [Video]

Tara Reid has told Daily Mail TV that she weighs 95 pounds, but Tara claims that she's not anorexic and says she doesn't have an eating disorder. As seen in the below linked-to video, which is a snippet from Tara's Daily Mail TV interview scheduled to air on Monday, October 30, Reid said that she thinks she gets thinner as she gets older. Tara claims that the 95 pounds on her frame represent her natural weight. However, some folks are calling foul on Tara's words.

Although Reid claims that people are simply skinny shaming her after photos of Tara getting out of a car displayed very thin legs, other fans are worried about Tara's well-being, especially in comparison to older photos of Reid wherein she did not appear as thin. However, Tara continues to fight back against claims that she is suffering from an eating disorder, according to E! News. Reid believes she is being bullied about her weight via social media in all manner of ways. Tara blames bullying as the source of suicide and drug overdoses.

"People always say I don't eat. I eat all the time. They call me scary skinny. You're my friend; everyone knows I eat more than anyone. I'm just a thin girl."
Tara says that despite folks thinking that she is starving herself, Reid claims that she eats a lot.
Tara, now 41, gained fame in the 1999 movie American Pie, and continued to star in sequels, as well as the Sharknado movie series. However, photos like those below from the red carpet have brought concern about Tara's state of being in recent years.

Those who care about Reid's health are urging her to get help.

Tara Reid is too skinny, say some social media users.
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Tara is getting a big reaction from Facebook users, as seen in the comments section of the below post from The Doctors. Reid's assertions that she is a naturally thin woman aren't being believed by everyone commenting beneath the Facebook post.


Comparisons of Reid's head size to her small body size are being made, along with commentary about the unfair pressure Hollywood places on women to become extra skinny. More of Tara's story will be revealed when her Daily Mail TV interview airs on Monday.

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