Thousands To 'Scream At The Sky' To Mourn Hillary's Election Loss On 1-Year Anniversary

If you ever wanted to scream aimlessly at the sky because you are still mourning Hillary Clinton's election loss, your chance is just around the corner. If you can hold back your wailing for just a little longer you can join in with a group of screamers who are setting up to yelp helplessly at the sky on November 8. This way when you let your screams rip and the police happen to come, you will at least have an excuse.

The maturity level of it all might be questioned one day in the history books, but for now, a bunch of grown men and women plan to gather together to "scream at the sky" as part of an exercise in mourning the election loss of Hillary Clinton a year later. No flowers or condolence cards required, just a good blood-curdling scream is all that's needed.

The RSVPs are racking up on Facebook and there are thousands of people who note they are interested in the event titled, "Scream Helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election," to be held in Boston on November 8.

According to the Townhall website, while the "rest of the country has moved on," there are those who haven't and they plan to exercise their rights and "scream helplessly at the sky." This event might sound like the cry of the banshee echoing through the historic streets of Boston or possibly the screams of a crime in progress. Have no fear -- it is just a bunch of disenchanted folks who apparently have some extra time on their hands and a few extra yelps left over from Hillary's loss last year.

The Washington Times reports this has grown beyond Boston as people in other locations are planning to scream at the sky that day, like in Philidelphia, which is another city planning this scream event. They also report that people across the nation have intentions of taking to the streets and even their own backyards to let out their screams of discontent.

Newsweek reports that the Facebook page for "Scream Helplessly At The Sky On The Aniversary Of The Election" has gathered 4,000 RSVPs, with another 33,000 people noting interest in the event. Thousands are expected to flock to Boston Common and literally let out their screams, wails, and cries over Hillary Clinton's election loss 365 days after it happened.

What is this supposed to do for these people? According to Newsweek, 73 million Americans voted against Trump and some of them, who have had a rather hard time with moving on, are planning to gather in Boston Common for a party fueled by the "despair and aggravation" from that loss.

The upcoming scream event is definitely a "one-of-a-kind" venue and while it is a bit bizarre, there have been other events in the past that were also different when it came to grabbing attention after Hillary's election loss, suggests Newsweek. Not long after the election, there was a dance party in front of Vice President Pence's residence to celebrate the LGBT community.

Groups have resorted to doing all kinds of bizarre things when attempting to engage their lawmakers around their anti-Trump agenda. Cupcakes are baked for Republican lawmakers "when they derail Trump's conservative agenda." As far as the November 8 scream event, the folks will stand there, scream at the sky and expect nothing in return. That is basically all there is to it. With the social media sites reacting in real time to all the news, it is very easy to take the temperature of the masses once something like this pops up.

Social media users are having some fun with this scream at the sky event, but some have brought up the point that it's time to go out and find a viable candidate for this Democratic party instead of screaming. One of those tweets is seen at the end of this article. Screaming time is over, it is not helping the Democratic Party find that new candidate that actually has a chance in the 2020 election.

From a sarcastic "this is helpful" to a comment that describes "amazement "over the time some people have to waste, the tweets have sized up the up and coming scream fest. Some of the Twitter comments are seen below.

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