NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns' GM Blames Eric Bledsoe Fiasco On Agent — Monitering The Trade Market

With the NBA trade rumors building up for Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns, the big question is how did the situation between Bledsoe and the Suns become so tenuous? Communication with the Suns and Bledsoe have become tense to a point where a trade is imminent. One prominent member of the Suns' organization has his own theory as to why.

Phoenix Suns' general manager Ryan McDonough has a culprit, or at least someone who is partially responsible for Suns' guard Eric Bledsoe' desire for a trade. The embattled GM places part of the onus on Eric Bledsoe, with the rest of the blame on his agent Rich Paul. It is the combination of Bledsoe and the advice he has received from Paul that has culminated into his trade demands.

According to Arizona Sports, the Phoenix Suns' front office boss is convinced that Eric Bledsoe is receiving some bad advice from his agent. Now the Phoenix Suns are listening to every trade offer they receive for Bledsoe. The Suns want to trade Eric Bledsoe in an effort to restore peace in their locker room. Ryan McDonough and the Suns want to find a leader. Leadership is a place where McDonough feels Bledsoe has truly failed the Suns.

"For a guy with years on his contract to say or intimate that he didn't want to be here anymore — I didn't find that to be appropriate. He says he wants to be a leader — that's the opposite of what a leader does and the opposite of what leadership is."
Ryan McDonough is not giving much credence to Eric Bledsoe's trade demands being about the Phoenix Suns firing head coach Earl Watson.

Watson was fired by the Suns during the first week of the NBA season. It is something worth noting for the Suns' GM. A tweet stating 'I don't want to be here'(courtesy of For The Win) sent by Eric Bledsoe just moments before Watson's ouster could have been perceived as the guard wanting to be the next to leave the Phoenix Suns.

McDonough's notion that Eric Bledsoe's tweet and attitude is due to the advice he has received from his agent Rich Paul. It could be proven as misguided.

The Phoenix Suns are in another season of rebuilding, with little end in sight in the much-improved Western Conference. It has become apparent that Eric Bledsoe wants no part of another Suns' rebuild. Eric Bledsoe was involved in several NBA trade rumors during the summer.

An Eric Bledsoe trade is likely going to happen soon. Where the Suns' guard lands next depends on which offer the Suns deem as the best.

Eric Bledsoe has played his last game for the Phoenix Suns. According to ESPN, the Suns sent Bledsoe home after meeting with him last Monday. He will get the trade that he is asking for. What could halt things for the Suns if there is any truth to the NBA trade rumors about their preference to include Tyson Chandler in any trade for Bledsoe.

Tyson Chandler's, combined with Eric Bledsoe's deal will make a trade for both players difficult to happen. Ideally, the Phoenix Suns want to get younger by trading both players. The Suns' best hope is to find separate deals for each of them. Two trades could also net the Suns a better return. For now, the Phoenix Suns must focus on one trade at a time.

With Eric Bledsoe comfortably on the NBA trade block, several NBA trade rumors have emerged as possible destinations. The three teams which have become prominently mentioned are the Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, and New York Knicks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were also long rumored to have an interest in a trade for the Suns' Bledsoe. However, the Cavaliers are unlikely to relinquish the first round pick they received from the Boston Celtics in the trade of Kyrie Irving.

The Bucks have emerged as the most active team pursuing a trade for Bledsoe. There has been some considerable movement regarding the NBA trade talks between the Suns and Bucks, with a reason to pause.

According to a tweet by Tim Montemayor from Milwaukee-based 1580 The Fanatic, the Suns and Bucks are in a holding pattern because Phoenix wants the Bucks to have guard Malcolm Brogdon included in the Bledsoe trade package.

The rumored trade offer the Bucks have made to the Suns seems like a strong one. However, it appears that in order for the Suns to trade their all-star caliber guard, they prefer a promising talent in return.

The Denver Nuggets have former all-star Kenneth Faried, whom they can offer the Phoenix Suns in a trade for Bledsoe, along with Emmanuel Mudiay. The Nuggets believe they are playoff contenders. Securing a trade with the Suns for Eric Bledsoe could strengthen their status.

As for the New York Knicks, it is unclear which players they are willing to offer the Phoenix Suns in a trade for Eric Bledsoe.

A resolution for the Eric Bledsoe and Phoenix Suns standoff could take place soon. The longer the Suns wait on making a trade, the worse off their potential return could be. Bledsoe's trade value takes a hit each day that the Suns wait to deal him.

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