Prince Harry Reportedly Schools Meghan Markle To Be Princess: Five Royal Fears About Why He May Not Succeed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have baffled their fans about the reason for delaying the highly anticipated announcement of their engagement. Is the prince having second thoughts about a forever romance with Markle? Have Kate Middleton, the Queen, and Camilla Parker Bowles succeeded in their allegedly rude royal goal of wrecking Meghan's and Harry's romance, as the Inquisitr reported?

A new report hints that there's an unexpected reason for Prince Harry dragging his royal heels about proposing to the Suits actress. The prince is focused on doing everything he can to train his American girlfriend to be worthy of a royal title, according to what insiders told the New York Post.

But as Meghan reportedly is discovering as she attempts to follow Harry's stern but loving guidance, it's not easy becoming a princess. Five secret fears have emerged as to whether Markle can succeed in graduating from the prince's private school for becoming his royal wife.

Fear One: Can Meghan And Her Underwear Survive Minefield?

Think it's easy to get out of a car? It's not, according to the Post. From learning not to flash her underwear as she exits a limousine to when, where, and why to curtsy, Prince Harry's girlfriend is discovering all the challenges that royal family members such as Kate Middleton know too well.

Prince Harry reportedly is training Meghan Markle to become his royal wife.
Prince Harry reportedly is training Meghan Markle to become his royal wife. [Image by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]

And the never-ending spotlight of royal observers, combined with celebrity watchers, has turned into what Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, told the newspaper is dangerous ground for Markle.

"It's going to be a minefield."
Meghan survived being introduced to Queen Elizabeth II during a tea of finger sandwiches and scones at Buckingham Palace without any reports filtering out of spilled tea or broken cups. But there's reportedly much more to learn before Prince Harry deems the Suits actress suitable to take on the royal role of his wife.

Fear Two: Can She Understand Unwritten Rules For Royal Role Of Wife?

Harry's decision to introduce his girlfriend to his grandmother is thought to be the number one clue that the prince and Markle are preparing to make their engagement plans public. But before that proposal is followed by a royal wedding, the prince reportedly wants to teach the 36-year-old actress about what's involved in joining his family.
"She is also being schooled in the ways of the Firm — the royals' affectionate nickname for themselves."
There are acting schools and modeling schools, but the royal family has never established a school where Meghan could discover the art of talking with foreign dignitaries. That's why the prince allegedly has decided to take on the task of educating the woman that he hopes he can train to become his royal wife.

Fear Three: Can Meghan Markle Really Give Up Her Acting Career For Prince Harry?

From the outside, it appears to some observers that it's all take and no give as far as Harry's side of the relationship is concerned. During their first public display of affection, the prince and Markle were seen holding hands at the Invictus Games in Canada. That PDA, combined with the teatime session with Harry's grandmother, was viewed as another sign that the proposal is in the near future.

But will Meghan sacrifice her success for her prince? She reportedly surrendered her Audi lease in Toronto, where she has been filming Suits, in order to prepare for living with Harry.

"[Meghan Markle] will soon step into her biggest role ever: joining the cast of one of the world's most celebrated families."
Markle's acting contract reportedly concludes late next month. One of the Post's sources compared Meghan to Grace Kelly's career when she became the princess of Monaco. Prince Harry's girlfriend is expected to view her acting career as a "thing of the past" once she and Harry make their engagement public.

Fear Four: Can Meghan Markle Wring Birds' Necks After Pheasant Shooting?

For anyone who thinks that it's well worth giving up acting to become Prince Harry's royal wife, how about wringing birds' necks?
Christmas is just weeks away. It's expected that Meghan will receive a royal invitation to Sandringham, the Norfolk estate where the queen and her family reside during the winter holidays. Charles Rae, author of the book Diana: The People's Princess, reflected on precisely what Harry's girlfriend will be expected to do.
"I just hope she enjoys pheasant shooting. When the birds drop and they're not yet dead, Meghan will be expected to join the other royal ladies in wringing their necks."
Rae also noted that the prince's lessons are ongoing, with his girlfriend "studying hard" to follow the royal lifestyle.

Fear Five: Will She Agree To Swap Ripped Jeans For 'Nice Black Coat'?

Meghan infamously sported ripped jeans to her public appearance with Prince Harry. Apparently the prince neglected to provide a training lesson on proper attire to his girlfriend. But it's expected that Harry will school Markle in appropriate style prior to the British celebration of Veteran's Day on November 12.

Robert Lacey, historical consultant for the hit Netflix series The Crown, has faith that the prince can advise his girlfriend on what to wear before the event.

"Meghan will no doubt follow royal protocol to the letter and wear a nice black coat and hat."
In addition, Meghan is expected to surrender her chewing gum. But Rae has faith that the actress can succeed, viewing the addition of the actress to the royal family as "the best thing to happen to the monarchy in years."

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]