Is 'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Reportedly Breaking More Duggar Rules After Shotgun Wedding Scandal?

It has been a busy year for Joy-Anna Duggar. She scored a State House internship, courted and married Austin Forsyth, and now she is expecting her first baby. Now, will the 19-year-old mom-to-be break Duggar tradition and go to college?

Romper reports that the newlywed has the option to further her education, but has not yet revealed what her plans are after the baby is born. The Duggars have always done their own thing when it comes to school, so it makes sense that Joy-Anna could opt for some college classes.

All 19 Duggar kids received their education via a religious-based homeschooling curriculum, but none have yet to go the route of traditional college. Instead, they choose online college courses from a Christian educational organization called College Plus. Michelle Duggar wrote on her blog that the family has chosen long-distance learning because it allows her kids to pursue other experiences and it also keeps costs low, which falls in line with their budget-free lifestyle.

Some of the children are currently taking online college classes, and Joy-Anna may join them soon. Michelle says that not all of her kids are going for a full degree, some are gaining skills and knowledge. She says all her kids are different and each one of them chooses their own path when it comes to education.

Of course, school is probably not the top priority for Joy-Anna Duggar right now, since she is preparing for the arrival of her first child. She has not yet announced a due date, but speculation is that it is approximately February 2018, exactly nine months after her wedding date.

Apparently, the Forsyth's honeymoon to Geneva, Switzerland was a very productive one.

While waiting for their first baby, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that the couple is living with Joy-Anna's parents at the Duggar compound while they build their new home. Forsyth flips houses for a living, and attempted to find them the perfect house before their wedding, but couldn't find what he was looking for.If the Forsyth's are living with the Duggars while waiting for their house to be finished, it would be a rare occurrence. Based on their beliefs, once a child is married it is time for them to leave home. All the Counting On stars are big on self-reliance, individualism, and refusal of handouts, which could be why they are keeping this a secret.

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