Prince Harry's Gal Pal Meghan Markle Sheds To Wed? Talks Special Diet And Gym Hyping Sex & Wrestling

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been treating royal observers to demonstrations of their love, sparking rumors that he is on the verge of proposing. With wedding planning reportedly already soaring, Markle has fueled those rumors by talking about her special weight loss diet and fascination with an unusual fitness club. Is she shedding for the wedding?

Meghan Markle Shares Her Special Low-Carb Weight Loss Diet

Cosmopolitan reported that Meghan has devoted years to shaping her sizzling figure. Using a combination of diet and fitness, Markle has gradually figured out the steps to creating and maintaining her perfect shape.

When it comes to her weight loss diet, Meghan said that she believes in a clean eating approach. In particular, she cuts carbohydrates and focuses on protein with vegetables.

"I definitely try to eat as clean as possible. I eat mostly just fish and veggies."
Prince Harry needs to devote some time to understanding Markle's particular way of dieting. She clarified that she has learned which foods make her "feel lethargic or sluggish." Meghan then avoids those foods.

However, if Harry is seeking the perfect restaurant for that highly anticipated romantic proposal, he might want to look for the best gourmet cafe in the area. Markle also defines herself as a "foodie."

Green Juice, Running, And Yoga

In addition to her clean, low-carb diet, Meghan is a fan of getting energized with natural juices. She doesn't believe in using caffeine to boost her energy level.
"I think trying to go for coffee or things like that only end up hurting you in the end," she explained.
"[I like] to get a really good natural source of energy like a great green juice."
Markle uses her green juice "pick-me-up" for fitness pursuits ranging from running to yoga. Prince Harry's girlfriend revealed that she is enthusiastic about the benefits of yoga, including "increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety, and better sleep."

Meghan also is a runner, but she admits it's getting more difficult as she gets older. However, she still occasionally jogs off the calories from another passion: Wine.

"Of course I'm going to have that glass of wine – it's delicious and I enjoy it," she said firmly.

Vegan Diet Plus French Fries

If all this dedication to diet and fitness sounds dull, Meghan also shared her guilty pleasures. She diets when she is filming, going for a vegan food plan, and then indulges on the weekend in carbohydrates such as French fries.
"I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility...on the weekends."
And good news for Prince Harry: Markle loves to cook at home. She cooks daily, viewing home cooking as "really important."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sparked engagement rumors. Is she shedding for their wedding?
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sparked engagement rumors. Is she shedding for their wedding? [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]

Just in case all that dieting, yoga, and running isn't enough to maintain her stunning figure, Markle just opened up about her enthusiasm for an unusual health club that promotes sex and wrestling.

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Enthusiastic About Fitness Club Promoting Sex And Wrestling

The Express reported that Meghan has shared her desire to join a London fitness club. The celebrity fitness club is called the Skinny B***h Collective and has attracted stars such as Daisy Lowe and Suki Waterhouse. Prince Harry will appreciate one of the guidelines that the club has created.
"One of the boutique fitness club's key tenets is to have sex more, especially in the mornings."
In addition, the founder, Russell Bateman, is known for the class that he teaches. Women are directed to crawl on the ground and wrestle each other. Markle shared that she's looking forward to working out with Bateman.

"I'm eager to come to the UK to do a workout with Russell [Bateman], the founder of SBC," said the actress.

Secret Class For Supermodels

Markle also revealed that her close friend Millie Macintosh "raves about his workouts," and said that she is looking forward to taking a class with her. The club promotes "empowerment" for its members, preaching "squatting, sleep and sex."

Bateman's website also states that it's been described as the "secret class for supermodels," with the newest supermodels training next to celebrities.

"These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition."
Meghan and reality star Millie have been friends for months. Markle's friend is known as the heir to Mackintosh's, a British confectionery firm that creates Mackintosh's Toffee, Quality Street, and Rolo.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]