‘Mumbling Woman’ Video Surfaces After She’s Suspected Of Subway Murder

A second man has been pushed to his death on a New York subway platform and police are currently searching for an unidentified female. The “mumbling woman” as she has been dubbed was caught fleeing the scene of the crime shortly after 8pm on Thursday night.

The unidentified woman was wearing a blue, white, and gray ski jacket and is described as a 5 foot 5 inches tall, heavyset hispanic woman in her 20s.

The female suspect was reportedly mumbling to herself as she wandered along a subway platform in Queens.

According to a police spokesperson, after a short time of sitting on a bench the suspect “waited until the train came into the station and approached this individual from behind and pushed him in front of the train.”

The spokesman then added:

“We haven’t determined whether it was random or if there was some connection.”

Witnesses at the scene of the grisly murder say the two people didn’t seem to recognize one another.

Police have now released footage of the mumbling women. The footage was taken from a local restaurant’s cameras which were directed towards the subway stairs.

Here is the grainy footage of the woman’s attempt to flee the scene of the murder.