Maddie Ziegler 2017: 'Dance Moms' Alum Reveals She Was Bullied For Having This

Maddie Ziegler may still be young but she has already accomplished a lot of things. The young dancer has been expanding her brand after leaving Dance Moms and she quickly became one of the most promising stars of her generation. However, despite her current success, the Leap actress revealed that it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for her.

The 15-year-old dancer-turned-actress recently revealed on the Today show that she was a victim of bullying. Maddie Ziegler shared that she was really insecure with her teeth after she was made fun of for having a big gap.

"This boy walked up to me. He pulled apart a fork and made it a really big gap and said, 'This is what your teeth look like,'" Maddie Ziegler recalled. "People bullied me for that. It's not OK."

Maddie Ziegler then revealed that these bullies suddenly had a change of heart after seeing her on Dance Moms. "The girls who before were like, 'You're ugly,' as soon as they saw me on the show were like, 'Let's be best friends,'" she said.

This is not the first time that Maddie Ziegler talked about fake friends. The former Dance Moms star confessed that she shed a lot of tears because of these fake friends.

Still, Maddie Ziegler made sure that she was not going to let those mean comments pull her down; instead, she took it as a lesson to never be friends with someone that does not see the good in her.

It's definitely not easy for Maddie Ziegler to find real friends, as she is always busy and not all girls and boys her age can understand that. Fortunately, the popular teen has found a group of people whom she can count on, saying, "I have the most amazing friends!"

Maddie Ziegler and Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown have been each other's best friend, and it all started when the latter visited the former Dance Moms star at one of her shows, and then they started to bond on social media. Since then, the duo has become inseparable and have been the epitome of #BFFGoals.

Maddie Ziegler also considers her boyfriend, Jack Kelly, as one of her best friends.

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