Top Halloween Movies On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now [Videos]

Halloween is in full swing right now and there are some movies that Netflix subscribers might want to check out this holiday season. Although Halloween is most closely associated with horror movies, the films that come out of the festive holiday on Netflix do not always have to be about horror.

So for this list of Halloween horror movies currently streaming on Netflix, we are going to narrow it down to classics and new features that will give Netflix subscribers the best experience with Halloween entertainment over the celebrated pagan holiday. That means horror fans should not expect Netflix films like The ABCs of Death or Train to Busan to be mentioned on this list. If you're a horror fan, then you certainly know why.

Although these Halloween films are not exactly meant to be a family-friendly list, some of the movies may be just fine for your kids, depending on your judgment as a parent. Please refer to the ratings and previews on a separate venue such as YouTube to assist you in making such judgments. Not to worry about gore though, as they will not be listed for the purposes of this Halloween Netflix list. But we should also note that some of these Halloween films on Netflix are horror movies and may come with an R rating.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the top Halloween movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix right now and through the remainder of the Halloween season.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) – Although the original story pushed the boundaries of kid-friendly fare, Tim Burton took this classic Halloween tale and gave it a good horror treatment. Suffice it to say that this might be a little too much for young kids to watch, but that is up to you as a parent to decide. Either way, you can stream it on Netflix right now.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010) – This horror comedy has turned into a cult classic and most of the horror is lighthearted. But there is a lot of blood spilled in this movie, in a comical way, and parents should tread lightly showing this to younger children.
The Craft (1996) – It might be easier just to say that certain films walk a thin line between horror and thriller. This is one of them, and although there really isn't a whole lot of blood spilled in this film, it does have its moments of excessive fright. But if you love a good witch movie, then Halloween is the perfect time to stream this one on Netflix.
Knights of Badassdom (2013) – This one really walks the genre-busting line. Although fantasy is its top-billing, it is a comedy and horror movie with plenty of blood and an incredible amount of comedy mixed in. Just think medieval cosplay with a touch of accidental demon conjuring and a splash of Revenge of the Nerds spread throughout.
The Addams Family (1991) – This one should have already been in your Netflix cue, but it is especially relevant to the Halloween season for the whole family to watch. Mixed in with comical scenes of lighthearted scares and one-liners, the magical performances of Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and a very young Christina Ricci will keep you entertained until the very end.
Stranger Things Season 2 (Netflix Original) – This should be a no-brainer for those who have seen Season 1 of the hit Netflix horror/sci-fi thriller that takes place in the 1980s. Season 2 of Stranger Things, as advertised in the trailers, will take place during Halloween in the early 1980s, following up with where the show left off last season.
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