'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco Discovers Dr. Klein's Contact In PC, Andre Spills Truth About The Twins

General Hospital spoilers tease more excitement as the mystery as to who the real Jason Morgan is will continue. Franco (Roger Howarth), who knew about Drew's existence, thanks to his persisting memories, will discover something crucial. He could shed some light on the mystery of two Jasons, and provide information as to who the bad guys in town are.

After pouring his heart out to Andre (Anthony Montgomery), Franco will find something fishy. General Hospital spoilers for next week indicate he will hear suspicious snippets of Andre's conversation. He will realize Andre is up to no good, and he will keep track of the doctor's movements.

While Franco keeps tabs on Andre's movements, he will catch the doctor in action. He tried to ignore the nagging feeling that something was wrong since he was more concerned about Jake who saw a man who looked liked classic Jason. However, what he hears during the meeting between the two doctors will prove his suspicions. It seems like the link to the shady doctor from Russia is one of Andre's deepest secrets.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that all the lies will get to Franco. He trusted Andre although Betsy's treachery made him doubtful about revealing his thoughts to anyone. Spoilers show that Andre will try to pacify Franco at first. Unfortunately, keeping too many secrets will wear him down.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco will question Andre about Dr. Klein. As the confrontation heats up, Franco will succumb to his violent nature. The pressure will get to Andre, and he will start talking about the past.

Franco will back Andre in a corner, but spoilers suggest that the doctor will not own up to the deed. It's likely for him to be someone's minion rather than the brains behind everything. He might tell Franco that he is also a victim and he has no choice but to keep everything secret. Franco told him everything about Drew or at least about what he can remember and what Bessie told him. Andre might also reveal why he tried to stay quiet about the fact that Jason had an identical twin.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Andre will tell Franco that this issue is something bigger than all of them. Dr. Klein's thugs are just the tip of the iceberg, and more enemies will be bound for Port Charles in the upcoming weeks.

While Franco tries to make sense of the conversation with Andrei, Patient 6 and the current Jason will have their hands full. General Hospital spoilers tease that seeing two Jasons will put everyone in shock, and soon people will start taking sides.

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