‘LPBW:’ Jeremy Roloff Realizes That His Life Is Not About Him Anymore, Shares Intimate ‘Dying To Self Moment’

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff recently realized that his life as a free spirit might be over. In a recent insightful post on his personal Facebook and Instagram pages, Jeremy spoke out about the ongoing “dying-to-self” process he is undergoing, as well as the abandonment of his “facade of happiness.”

Uploaded late Friday, Jeremy’s most recent self-reflections explained how Ember’s arrival completely changed his perspective on life. According to Jeremy, the birth of his first child ultimately became the catalyst that triggered his dying-to-self moment, proving to him that his life was not about him anymore. The LPBW star described the process in the caption of his recent social media posts.

“Yesterday I had a dying-to-self moment. The realization that my life is not about me. This baby is a part of the continual dying-to-self process that is necessary to pursue holiness over happiness.”

Jeremy further emphasized that with Ember’s arrival, his eyes have been opened to what his real goals should be. As stated by the LPBW star, his daughter’s birth ultimately taught him to pursue holiness over happiness, not the other way around. Jeremy did state that the change has not been easy for him, however, as he dealt with some reservations about the abandonment of his old ways of life.

“If you pursue happiness over holiness, you may lose both. But if we pursue holiness, happiness may get thrown in. There is a selfishness deep down that I’m ashamed to say, almost resented the freedom and time that I am about to lose.”

In a lot of ways, Jeremy’s fatherhood does compromise a lot of the freedoms he enjoyed while he was still just a newly-married man. Even during Audrey’s pregnancy, Jeremy had been very spontaneous, loving the outdoors and engaging in various endeavors outside his home on a constant basis. Once Ember arrived, however, things changed for the Little People, Big World star.

Being a full-time parent to a newborn child is no joke. Babies, after all, need constant care and attention. With both Jeremy and Audrey Roloff being incredibly hands-on with Baby Ember, the time the couple has for themselves has decreased significantly.

Despite the lesser freedom that he has today, Jeremy asserted in his latest social media post that he is now more focused than ever before. According to Jeremy, Ember’s arrival actually pushed him to be closer to his faith. It also encouraged him to pursue a more valuable goal than the ones he had before.

“As it’s been said, nothing can truly be yours until you’ve fully given it away. I want to live for the truth of holiness, not the facade of happiness. I want to find my life and find it in the fullness and freedom of Christ.”

Jeremy’s latest post on his Facebook and Instagram pages were received warmly by the Little People, Big World community, with many of the reality TV star’s fans lauding the young father for his insights and his maturity. Others also praised Jeremy for bringing to light something that many parents have been going through for years.

“Thank you for sharing your struggles with the world, so others know they’re not alone. I’m sure every parent can relate to this,” one commenter wrote.

“So well said! I have been trying to put this exact sentiment into words, and you just did it!” wrote another.

What do you think about Jeremy’s recent insights into parenthood? Can you relate to the Little People, Big World star’s words? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]