Duggar Family News: Josh Duggar And Jana Duggar Missing In Facebook Update, Dating Rumor And Scandal Grows

With the most recent season of Counting On wrapping up, the Duggar family are posting more pictures from their daily life on Facebook. They use their social media accounts to update their fans on the changes in their family, as well as to celebrate the small moments with them. But this Facebook photo update drew attention to the fact that the fans hardly ever see Josh Duggar and Jana Duggar. Could it be that the family is pushing out the two older Duggars from their posts?

The 29-year-old Duggar showed signs of making a comeback this March, two years after his scandals broke loose. First, with the announcement of the arrival of his new baby, Mason Garrett Duggar, Josh Duggar started appearing in videos that congratulated the newly wedded couples and also in the family picture. However, his return to the mainstream has also been met with challenges, as he tries to figure out how losing the first part of his lawsuit will change the way the fans see him.

The latest lawsuit from the Duggar family deals with the fact that the names of the four sisters that Josh Duggar molested went public. They seem to believe that the girls, who were minors at the time of the crime, deserved to have their identities protected. So they sued InTouch Weekly, as well as the city of Springdale and Rockford County, Arkansas.

However, two weeks ago, the judge associated with the case dismissed InTouch Weekly from the lawsuit, stating that the First Amendment protected the media outlet. He also concluded that the magazine “cannot be held liable for the city’s and county’s failure to follow the law,” according to Page Six.

And now, multiple dating rumors have begun to swirl around Jana Duggar, who still is not married despite having planned four weddings for her sisters. The person that she has been most recently linked with is Caleb Williams, who first came into the spotlight for his untucked shirt.

Thanks for the invite y’all! #gametime #wrongcolors ???????? #wps #beatauburn

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So when the Duggar family posted a picture of their reduced family members on Facebook, the fans immediately started asking for the two Duggars that have been making headlines.

One fan asked, “How come you don’t include pictures of Josh anymore?” Others posted a much more direct post saying, “Where’s the one that raped his sisters?”

For the fans that were asking about Jana, they were much more interested in how her life was unfolding, now that she is in her late 20s.

A fan inquired, “Could Jana be on a date while another sibling is chaperoning?”

“Something I’ve been wondering,” a fan started. “Maybe it was in an episode and I missed it or something, but since Jana is now in her late 20s and the rest of the girls are little, does she still share a room with them? Or does she have her own space?”

The 27-year-old Duggar has been serving as a chaperone for many of her siblings’ dates. This has been a thankless job, often getting cut by the producers of Counting On, despite the fact that she was present.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]