'Blindspot' Season Premiere Follows Jane Across The Globe

Blindspot Season 3's anticipated premiere will focus on main characters Jane Doe (actress Jamie Alexander) and Kurt Weller (actor Sullivan Stapleton) as they explore the globe in search of criminals and answer questions that remain from last season's time-jumping cliffhanger. Last season of Blindspot left us with Jane Doe living with monks, climbing cliffs, and in isolation until she is found by Sullivan and given a mission to find their colleagues who were kidnapped by the Sandstorm organization.

The criminal action series Blindspot takes fans across the globe as Jane discovers more about her intricate tattoos and leads us on a breathtaking chase. Creator Martin Gero and executive producer Greg Berlanti of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow fame, together with Jeff F. King, have gone a step beyond standard shooting, ensuring scenes are filmed on location in the exotic locales. Our star, Jane (Jamie Alexander), has come a long way since she was found naked in Times Square covered in coded tattoos, each detailing a different crime that needs to be solved.

Season 2's cliffhanger left viewers with many questions. Are Shepard and Roman still alive? Will they return to torment Jane and Kurt? What all will be revealed by the mystery disc that activates Jane's tattoos? NBC's Blindspot trailer reveals that some of these questions will be addressed while exploring the globe in a new, reset adventure.

The show's 18-month gap leaves plenty of time for our characters to develop new lives and storylines. Trailers have revealed that Rich Dot Com (Ennis Esmer) has a new position that surprises everyone, as do Reade (Rob Brown), Patterson (Ashley Johnson), and Zapata (Audrey Esparza). Only viewing this highly anticipated season premiere will answer fan's burning questions. As we start out in Venice and get to travel with the cast through locations, including Morocco and Spain, we will learn what they have been up to during their hiatus.

Blindspot Premiere Season 3 Jane
[Image by Cindy Ord/NBC]

Blindspot airs on NBC Friday at 8/7 central, and we will finally see what this season will bring. Viewers are excited to discover whether Jane Doe will finally learn the truth about her identity. Will her international travels finally bring her closer to the truth?

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