Fox News Viewers Go Ballistic After Trump Impeachment Ad Airs As Paid Commercial During ‘Fox & Friends’

Donald Trump Smittened

The one-minute commercial that advocates impeaching Trump was launched Friday across the cable and television news channels and shock and disdain have set in for one news channel in particular for airing the Tom Steyer impeachment ad. The impeach Trump ad was created, narrated and paid for by billionaire Tom Steyer. The commercial, which offers up Steyer’s ideas on why Trump should be impeached, has already gained a good deal of traction since it made its debut on national TV and cable networks.

Besides catching the eye of the masses, the commercial certainly grabbed Trump’s attention who sent out tweets calling Steyer “wacky and unhinged.” Perhaps those most stunned and infuriated about the airing of this ad are the Fox News viewers who have seen this commercial run on the Fox News channel. Seeing the ad air on Friday morning rattled their belief that Fox News is a pro-Trump venue. According to Adage, Steyer paid to run that Trump commercial during Friday morning’s Fox & Friends show. Adage claims that it was a safe bet for Steyer that Trump would see the ad because he is a Fox & Friends fan. This offered up one way for the billionaire to troll Trump.

Apparently, Steyer has deep pockets when it comes to Democrats, as he spent more than $90 million in the 2016 elections supporting that party, according to the Washington Post. Steyer has spent “10 million” on today’s new campaign to impeach Trump, with the centerpiece being this TV commercial, reports Time Magazine. His campaign to impeach Trump comes along with a website and a petition, You can see the TV commercial at the end of this article via a YouTube video. The ad has been online since October 19 but just debuted on TV today.

Fox News viewers are “raging,” “appalled,” and “they blew their tops,” which are just a few of the descriptions coming from the Fox News viewers’ comments today that you will find on Facebook. There is a “Fox News sold out” type of mindset conveyed by Fox News viewers over the cable network airing Steyer’s commercial. Twitter users are also reflecting the same disgust over the decision made by Fox News to air a commercial advocating to impeach Trump.

Besides the uproar among the Fox News viewers today, Steyer has many Trump supporters on social media users suggesting he’s throwing away good money after bad, referring to his ill-fated bankrolling of the Democrats during the presidential campaign and now attempting to have Trump impeached. Trump supporters just don’t see impeachment in the cards for Trump. In Steyer’s television ad he calls Trump: “mentally unstable,” and someone who demonstrates a “clear and present danger.” Then Steyer calls for his impeachment because he believes Trump is leading the country “in the direction of a nuclear war,” cites the Washington Post.

Besides taking a swipe at Trump’s mental stability and painting a picture of the president as having an itchy nuclear trigger finger, he also claims Trump “has obstructed justice.” Steyer suggests if there is a news organization that Trump doesn’t happen to like, he may threaten to shut them down, which he also conveys in his Trump impeachment commercial

Fox News is traditionally considered a pro-Trump venue from their first shows in the morning, Fox & Friends First, to their Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, and Tucker Carlson segments that air during the primetime television watching hours. As the Daily Wire reported back in May, Fox Newslost its position as the leader in cable news for the first time in 14 years.” This occurred “after months of becoming the Donald Trump Network.”

Despite the drop in ratings, Fox News continued their direction of reporting, which entailed holding Trump in a favorable light, despite losing viewers for being deemed the pro-Trump news network. So when Steyer’s commercial aired during the Fox News daytime news lineup of Friday, jaws dropped around the nation. As those jaws dropped, the floodgates opened across social media sites bashing Fox News for “selling out” and airing Steyer’s commercial.

There are several tweets below that seem to capture the consensus among the Trump supporters and Fox News viewers. There are plenty more tweets and social media comments online that are similar to the ones below. You can check out Steyer’s Trump Impeachment ad at the end of this article.

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