Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Will Feature Olivia Colman As Queen Elizabeth, Replacing Claire Foy

The recasting has started for Netflix’s The Crown Season 3, and Broadchurch star Olivia Colman will be replacing Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth. Netflix The Crown Season 2 will premiere on December 8, but Season 2 will be the last fans will see of Claire Foy and Matt Smith, as the creator of The Crown believes older actors will be needed to play Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip going forward.

Moving into The Crown Seasons 2 and 3, viewers will see a different focus as Queen Elizabeth matures, and so does her family, including her husband, Prince Philip, and oldest son Prince Charles, who was a toddler when viewers last saw him in Season 1. Peter Morgan, the creator of The Crown, says that while the story is still about Queen Elizabeth, it’s also about the people and forces that fall under her reign.

“We start to focus on Charles as a young boy and his education, and on Philip and his back story.”

Now that Olivia Colman has been cast to replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown, it will be critical to see who Peter Morgan casts as the new Prince Philip. Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had chemistry, and the new Prince Philip will need to mesh with Olivia Colman for The Crown Season 3.

Netflix has confirmed that starting with The Crown Season 3 and through Season 4, Olivia Colman has committed to play Queen Elizabeth, as Claire Foy will be stepping down. Just before it was announced that Colman would take the role, Claire Foy appeared on The Graham Norton Show to announce that Season 2 would be her personal finale, as she was stepping down as Queen Elizabeth and passing the crown to a new Elizabeth.

“This is the last stint. It’s over, I’m done. I always knew it was only going to be two series and then the part would be reincarnated and someone else takes over. That’s the nature of the part.”

Foy’s fans should not dismay, as she knew her role as Queen Elizabeth would only last two seasons. Although some are saying that Colman does not “look like” Queen Elizabeth, originally Claire Foy didn’t either, and it’s all about the demeanor and carriage.

But even fans and critics who have praised Claire Foy’s presentation of Queen Elizabeth in The Crown are looking forward to what Olivia Colman will do with the part. Oddly enough, Colman, 43, is only 10 years older than Claire Foy, 33, but she will be playing the next 15 years of the monarch’s life.

Olivia Colman is no stranger to playing a royal, as she will be seen next year playing the role of Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth, in a movie with Emma Stone. And the Standard has grasped onto a rumor that any fan of Broadchurch was already hopefully milling around their brain, which is that David Tennant should play Prince Philip for The Crown season 3.


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For three seasons of the show Broadchurch, Colman and Tennant have partnered as detectives with incredible chemistry, so Tennant seems like someone who should be considered to play Prince Philip for Netflix The Crown Season 3.

“We’re on Team Tennant for the new Prince Philip.”

Are you on board with the choice of Olivia Colman to replace Claire Foy for Netflix The Crown Season 3? Do you think David Tennant should be considered to play Prince Philip alongside Colman’s Queen Elizabeth for The Crown Seasons 3 and 4?

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