Identical Twin Brothers Dead In Murder-Suicide Following Long-Running Feud

A long-standing feud between two identical twin brothers in Montana took a turn for the worse last week when it ended in both of their deaths.

According to People, the 39-year-old brothers had been fighting for the good part of a year before their harmless fight turned deadly. On October 19, Eric Carlson went to visit his brother, Travis Carlson, as he was working on a custom fence in Carter County, Montana. Two people who were working alongside Travis noticed that he had gotten in an altercation with his brother. Minutes later, the witnesses saw the tail-end of the shooting in which Eric shot Travis as he worked.

Immediately after the witnesses realized what had happened, they got the land owners of the property and called authorities. Travis was later pronounced dead around 5:15 p.m.

Following the shooting, Eric vanished from the crime scene and a search to find him began. The next morning, on October 20, police found Eric dead at his home with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to the Bennett County Booster, Travis was just married this past summer to Luciana Carlson, making the incident that much more tragic.

Carter County Sheriff Neil Kittelmann told People that there really isn’t a rhyme or reason as to why things like this happen. The Sheriff also said that nobody had even realized that the brother’s fight was very serious. Kittelmann compared the feud to that of any typical brother related feud, which people thought nothing of.

This past Sunday, both of the twins were laid to rest together in a joint memorial, according to People. Though the family of the boys could not be reached for comment, the Sheriff stated that since the boys are identical twins, he wouldn’t think that the family would have wanted to do a separate memorial.

The Argus Leader reported that the investigation is still ongoing and authorities have not yet released a possible motive for the heinous act.

Have you ever heard of something of this nature happening after a family altercation? Do you think that anything could have been done to prevent this tragedy?

[Featured Image by Mark Makela/Getty Images]