Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk Claims 'Production Hell' At Battery Gigafactory In Nevada

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has hinted that some of The Model 3's production problems may stem from their Gigafactory in Nevada. This is where the batteries for the mass-market electric car are being produced. Musk recently posted a video of himself camping on the roof of the factory, roasting marshmallows with a couple of other people. On Twitter, he later admitted he was up there because he preferred to save time sleeping at the factory rather than driving to a hotel in nearby Reno.

"Production hell. 8th circle," the billionaire CEO added.

As Electrek notes, if there's "production hell" at the Gigafactory, then it could be linked to the battery pack, battery cell or the drive unit production lines. All of these production lines operate out of that factory. This conflicts with reports that the "production bottlenecks" were happening at the Tesla factory in Freemont where the Model 3 is being assembled. There have also been reports that suppliers are the reason for delays in the Tesla Model 3 ramp up.

But as the Inquisitr previously reported, one of Tesla parts suppliers recently reported that the premium electric car company slashed its parts orders by 40 percent. Starting in December, Hota Industrial will be supplying Tesla with 3,000 sets of parts instead of 5,000. Shipments of 10,000 part sets have also been pushed back from March 2018 to May or June. There are also rumors that a U.S. supplier also got its Tesla orders slashed. The electric car company's official explanation for the cut has been that the Model 3 is going through a production bottleneck. But, according to their website, Tesla is still promising to start regular customer deliveries of the Model 3 in October.

But that timeline is looking more and more infeasible as news of Model 3's production hell emerge. There's also the matter of the labor complaint that the United Auto Workers recently filed against Tesla. Earlier this month, they fired hundreds of factory workers, citing poor performance reviews. However, the terminated employees say that their reviews were good and that the company is trying to undermine unionization efforts.

What do you think is really causing the Tesla Model 3's production delays? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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