Melania Trump Is A Man, Claims Internet Conspiracy Theory Video With 17,000 YouTube Views In Two Days

Paula Mooney

After years of Internet trolls attacking former First Lady Michelle Obama with claims of "proof" that Michelle is a man with a penis, trolls are now attacking First Lady Melania Trump with claims that she is a man. The video titled "Melania is Male" is going viral, with the offensive video from the "MrE" YouTube channel claiming to witness certain "facts" via photos of Melania that peg her as a man.

The video points to the underlying skull and bones of Melania being male features, with hair covering half of Melania's face as a shield for her alleged maleness. The anonymous video creator speaks of Melania's caked-on makeup, along with alleged surgery that widened Melania's hips, without any proof. The video's narrator calls Melania just as tall as President Donald Trump, and features photos of a young Melania that he calls a "young boy."

Later images of Melania's "feminized face" point to the alleged airbrushing of Melania's official photo. Melania's face has changed, says the narrator as he calls Melania "a dude with long hair and makeup." The video speaks about Melania's skin appearing "rough and ready," with plenty of focus on Melania's brow ridge and the bridge of her nose. The narrator compares photos of Barron Trump's and Melania's legs, as they move in a similar manner while walking, claiming they have the same bodies displaying the same pose.

The video, called "Melania is Male," has gotten more than 17,000 views in about 48 hours, and contains offensive language and photos. The video speaks of Melania's "big old hair, big skull and brow ridge" as proof of Melania allegedly being a man.

"At first glance you might not notice."

There's talk of "waxed male legs" as the narrator goes off on a tangent, calling women the "fallen angels come to earth as men."

Melania's prominent cheekbones are called a male feature that's played up with makeup.

"Alien look. Is that a hot babe? That's scary to me, like an alien from a Star Trek movie. Lots of guys think she is hot. Not alien, not human, kind of leaves you with demon, a fallen angel."
"Things are not as they appear. The androgynous elites."
"Thick square shoulders, a bit of an Adam's apple. Brazilian butt lift that could be natural. Catlike eyes, indicating there's been some work done on those eyes. Nose job to make the nose smaller. Tranny face. Narrow hips. Broad shoulders. That's a man a**."