‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine Kept Patient 6 – Recast Prince Is Andre And Klein’s Boss

General Hospital spoilers tease that a big reveal is on the way for sweeps that’s tied to Patient 6 (Steve Burton). We learned on this week’s GH episodes that Dr. Klein (Gene Farber) and Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) both answer to someone else they call “the boss.” They are on equal footing as parts of a larger conspiracy, but who is the boss? Since Burton’s reveal was before November sweeps kicked off, that means another shocker is on tap. Could it be recast Nikolas Cassadine at long last? GH spoilers hint that Andre must be tied to the Cassadines for this scheme, and most are dead.

Valentin’s not involved in this story

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source tell us that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) runs into an old acquaintance next week and that means he’ll likely see Dr. Klein in Port Charles. However, all the tabloid sites that predicted Valentin was the one keeping Jason Morgan in the Russian clinic were wrong. They said he’d fly to Russia to deal with the problems and that never happened. That’s because he’s not the Cassadine running this project. Valentin might know about it, but he’s not the big boss in charge.

Other GH spoilers from Soap Central say that Valentin has his hands full with Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) and he can’t have his fingers in every plot on the ABC soap. He’ll be dealing with her trying to mess up his marriage to Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) and trying to stay out of her nasty drug-running business. Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) are also wrapped up in that plot, and it’s got nothing to do with Jason, Drew Quartermaine, or any Cassadine science projects.

Nikolas recast coming?

GH spoilers have teased for months that a recast was coming and that it might be Nikolas Cassadine. General Hospital fans know he’s not dead. A body was never found, and he tried to fake his death before. Nikolas is hiding and had turned dark before then, so he’s a sure suspect as the boss in this Patient 6 and Drew Q scheme. Soap Opera News reported in late summer that auditions were being held for the character of “Drew.” That’s obviously a fake name since Billy Miller or Steve Burton will be Drew.

Soaps routinely give fake character names for auditions, and those actors were all the right age and looks to play recast Nikolas Cassadine. Another intriguing option for who might play recast Nikolas is Wes Ramsey. News broke this week that Laura Wright’s (aka Carly Corinthos) real-life lover Wes landed a part on GH. He’s definitely got the right stuff to play the Cassadine Prince. Wes’ character is “Peter August” and that’s fine since Nikolas probably had plastic surgery and had a new name after faking his death.

Big November sweeps action

General Hospital fans wondered why Steve Burton’s return was announced so far ahead when they could have wowed viewers with a big November sweeps surprise. It makes sense that they trumpeted Steve’s return as Patient 6/original Jason Morgan while quietly prepping for an even more shocking return. Wes Ramsey’s character is set to debut in mid-November, right in the heat of sweeps. Whether sexy Wes will play the role of recast Nikolas or not, clearly GH has something big planned for sweeps.

GH viewers must know by now that Steve Burton is the “real” Jason Morgan. He’s got all his memories, and even Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is certain of it. But the other guy, Jake Doe (Billy Miller), wasn’t running a con. He’s a victim in this mess because his brain was tampered with so that he doesn’t know who he is. When Carly found “evidence” that he was Jason, Jake Doe tried to deny it, but then finally accepted the identity she plastered on him. No doubt Jake Doe wants to know his true identity.

Cassadines to blame

The other big clue from recent General Hospital spoilers that a Cassadine is to blame for this mess is how much their names have been churned recently. Sonny neatly rewrote a bit of GH history on Thursday’s episode when he told Jason that Jake Webber’s (Hudson West) hit and run was contrived by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) to mess with Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Viewers know that wasn’t true. Luke ran over the kid, Jake died, and GH made up nonsense to justify the resurrection.

But it put the Cassadines back on the front burner. We also know that Helena had Jake Doe as her pet assassin. Another significant clue that ties Nikolas Cassadine to Patient 6 is that Nikolas had Jason’s wedding ring, and he was the one that told Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. Nikolas was pushing the fake identity from the start. He knew the real Jason was locked away. That’s where Nick got the wedding ring. Nikolas knew Jake Doe was a fake and wanted to keep the real Jason hidden.

The return of Nikolas Cassadine has long been hinted, and as of now, a mix of GH spoilers and rumor points to it coming in November sweeps. Buckle up for a bumpy sweeps ride as Sonny and Jason confront Jake Doe, nutty Nelle spins out of control, war hero Chris Van Etten debuts as Chet Driscoll and the Q twins finally meet. Plus, check back soon for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

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