Trump Attacks Tom Steyer On Twitter For ‘Need To Impeach’ Ad: Petition Gets 617,815 Signatures For Impeachment

President Donald Trump has lashed back on Twitter at billionaire Tom Steyer, who has called for Trump’s impeachment via a $10 million campaign. As seen on Tom’s website, Steyer is inching closer to one million signatures from folks who agree that Trump needs to be impeached. Tom lays out a case of a president who has brought the U.S. closer to nuclear war and has allegedly obstructed justice by gaining income from foreign governments. Calling Trump a dangerous president, Steyer has urged people to sign his petition – along with holding rallies to further his cause.

Trump hit back against Tom on Twitter in the early morning hours of Friday, October 27. As seen in the below tweet, Trump called Steyer “wacky and unhinged,” and claimed that Tom “never wins elections” as Trump accused Steyer of being against the Make America Great Again campaign since the beginning.

Steyer speaks in the below video about why he feels Americans must stop Trump immediately. Tom’s website proclaims that Trump’s administration and the Trump Family members do not put forth the truth about their connections with Russia. Steyer also blames Trump for positing the notion that Trump will issue pardons for his “aides, family members, and even himself.” Tom also points to Trump’s dealings with North Korea as a dangerous situation.

As seen in the top photo above, Steyer spoke at a news conference and rally at San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday, October 24, in San Francisco, California. Tom’s wish is that the U.S. Congress begin impeachment proceedings for Trump, and he has put $10 million towards the campaign in hopes of getting the impeachment of the president underway.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Trump is getting plenty of blowback for his above tweet, which called Steyer “wacky and totally unhinged.” In the reply section of Trump’s tweet, Twitter users are reminding Trump of his failed bid to back Luther Strange. Others are advising the president to go back to sleep as certain individuals call the president names on Twitter. A sampling of some of the comments that Trump is receiving for his tweet about Steyer can be read below.

“This is the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?”

“Are you serious? Remember the last person who you endorsed, Luther Strange? Remember what happened to him?”

“I wasn’t aware Steyer ever ran in an election. But everyone should tweet his video to you to make sure you see it.”

“I think it’s cute when calls someone else unhinged.”

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]