Stephen Colbert Mocks Ivanka Trump’s Understanding Of Words: ‘She Doesn’t Understand Words’

Stephen Colbert brilliantly points out that the presidential daughter Ivanka Trump doesn’t understand how words work on Thursday night’s Late Night Show. The host poked fun at the presidential daughter’s misuse of language in her tweets and interviews.

The comedian noted that President Donald Trump’s First Daughter and advisor has received a lot of praises from the right “for her poise and intelligence.” But he sarcastically added that, at the same time, she “doesn’t know what words mean.”

A Play Of Words With The Presidential Daughter

Reliving the hype of Vice writer Eve Peyser’s sardonic list of the words Ivanka misused in the recent weeks, Colbert handpicked the word “relative” as a paramount concern, saying, “It’s real fortnight.”

To elaborate on the matter, the Late Night Show host made an example of Ivanka’s recent statement about her and husband Jared Kushner’s morning routine. The 35-year-old business woman was quoted saying: “My husband has incredibly long hours, so I try to keep mine on a relative basis…”

On which Colbert claimed that she knew the word “relative” better than anyone else “because her whole career is based on a relative basis.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Colbert didn’t stop there, he then particularly highlighted the infamous misuse of the word “complicit.” Colbert minced no words when he said that Ivanka doesn’t have the strongest grasped of the word.

Earlier this year, the Trump heiress talked to CBS This Morning and said, “If complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit.”

But for the benefit of the doubt, Colbert supposed that maybe she made the interview to prove a point and actually knew what it means to be “complicit.” However, her follow up statement proved otherwise, adding, “I don’t know what it means to be complicit.”

For his final attack, the TV host launched a double jab at Ivanka by unearthing two gems from her Twitter history box. First, her 2016 birthday tweet that made people ask whether Ivanka didn’t get how birthdays work? Or, do rich people get more birthdays than normal people do?

The second hard stone Colbert dug was:

To summarize his reaction, Colbert responded: “That is a dumb statement, in an otherwise stupid tweet.”

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