Amber Portwood Relationship: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Returns After Lengthy Absence

Amber Portwood went missing from the public eye after she announced that she had split with Matt Baier. She was furious that he had made sexual advances towards another woman and when he failed a lie detector test, she decided the relationship was over. But within a short period, Amber had found love again with a producer from Marriage Bootcamp. The two went away on vacation together and fans wondered what had happened to Amber. She disappeared and decided to take some time away from everyone. Even her store, Forever Haute, was shut down temporarily, which seemed odd considering it was her big passion. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that she’s doing good despite taking some time away from the public eye. On Twitter, she revealed that she had spent some time with her family, but she just wanted to check in to make sure her fans didn’t worry about her.

“Hi loves! I know I’ve been MIA however I just want to say I’m happier than ever and focusing on family, sending love everyone,” Amber revealed yesterday on social media, sharing that she was doing good after distancing herself from social media and her Teen Mom OG fans for a while.

The last fans heard of Amber on Instagram was two weeks ago when she posted a picture of her daughter Leah. The two had been spending time at a pumpkin patch and it seemed like she was doing good. Maybe she realized that the only way she could mend her broken heart was to spend time with her daughter Leah. On Teen Mom OG, she had told Matt that Leah considered him a stepfather. This happened just weeks before he was busted for lying to her. Some people thought she rushed into the new relationship with her new boyfriend, and it all seemed weird when she decided to go missing. She surfaced on a vacation with Andrew Glennon in Hawaii and people were concerned he was using her for money. But it sounds like things are going great with them and the distance from fans may help the relationship.

What do you think about Amber Portwood’s tweet that she’s doing good and fans shouldn’t worry about her?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]