October 27, 2017
Paul Walker's Daughter, Porsche Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Almost four years since Paul Walker died in a car crash involving a Porsche Carrera GT, his daughter Meadow Walker settled the wrongful death lawsuit against automotive company Porsche. The two parties reached a settlement agreement.

Meadow, now 18, had settled the case with Porsche on Oct. 16, according to court documents obtained by E! News. While the terms of the agreement are confidential, both parties had requested the dismissal of the lawsuit, reports say. Paul's father, Paul William Walker III, has also settled with the automaker, according to LA Times.

Meadow sued the automotive company, alleging that it has knowledge that its Carrera GT "had a history of instability and control issues."

Paul Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT. His friend, Roger Rodas, was allegedly driving at around 80 to 93 miles per hours, which resulted in the crash in November 2013. However, the case asserted that Rodas was only driving at a speed of 63 to 71 miles per hours when he lost control and the car crashed in Santa Clarita. The sports car also had a defective seat belt, and the lawsuit claimed it prevented Walker to get out of the car before it caught fire. Paul was said to be burned alive.

Attorney Jeff Milam, who represented Meadow, said in a statement that the bottom line is that the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is defective and dangerous. They wanted to held Porsche responsible for producing such vehicle, which caused the death of Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker.

The estate of Roger Rodas took partial responsibility for Walker's death and paid Meadow $10.1 million in 2014. About $7.2 million was put into Meadow's trust fund while $2.9 million went to legal fees. The court previously dismissed a case filed by Roger's widow, Kristine Rodas, which alleged that the Porsche Carrera GT has design flaws that contributed to her husband's death.

Long-time friends Walker and Rodas left a charity event in Valencia before they hit a tree and a concrete post, and the car exploded into flames. Paul Walker was 40.

Meanwhile, Meadow Walker has been harassed on social media for suing Porsche and Rodas' family. Fans of the automaker accused Paul Walker's daughter of being greedy, via Hello Giggles. Meadow remained silent amid the hate.

[Featured Image by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images]