George Zimmerman Hideout Plan Sounds Like A Movie, Detailed In Security Lawsuit

George Zimmerman, currently facing charges in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in Florida in February, has become a controversial figure in 2012’s news landscape — igniting debates about gun control, race in America, and the justice system as the twists and turns of the case become increasingly bizarre.

Bodyguards for George Zimmerman recently brought suit against the accused murderer for non-payment of bills, and now details revealed in the course of the case expose a movie-like hide-out plan hatched for the defendant including a dramatic flight to a “tourist resort,” complete with a costume change and GPS tracking.

George Zimmerman is currently free on bond and in hiding, but the plan’s details reveal a more lavish and involved plan to stash him on vacation after he was sprung from the Seminole County Jail. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the plan hatched by Associated Investigative Services Inc. went like this:

“This was the plan to move George Zimmerman out of the Seminole County Jail and make him disappear: He would be outfitted in concealed body armor and driven away by an armed guard in a rental vehicle that had been checked to make sure no one had secretly placed a GPS tracking device on it … He would be whisked awayto a tourist resort, according to a recently-released “jail escort plan,” where he would then go into the handicapped stall of the men’s bathroom and change into a new shirt, hat and glasses.”

george zimmerman


Global Grind adds:

“Zimmerman would then walk to a different vehicle and be driven to a safe house. Bodyguards, which he hasn’t paid, would watch for paparazzi and be on the lookout for people who wanted to harm him.”

The latter notes that it is not currently clear whether George Zimmerman’s elaborate hideout plan ever came to fruition — nor do we know whether its planning and possible implementation are including in the near $30,000 the accused killer reportedly owes the agency.