Duke Freshmen Crushes 79 Yard Punt

The average punt in the NFL is less than 50 yards. On Thursday night, Duke Freshmen Will Monday crushed that average, setting up a punt that traveled 79 yards with winds that were measured at less than 40 mph at the time of the kick.

The kick occurred at the Belk Bowl and destroyed the college freshmen’s previous record of 60 yards. If punts were measured from the point of kick, the ball would have been marked as an 87-yard punt.

The punt not only traveled a remarkable distance in the air; it also traveled on the ground, narrowly missing the out of bounds line before screeching to a halt on the one-yard line, almost as if it hit an invisible barrier.

The only thing that could have made the kick better would have been a catch on the one-yard line, which resulted in a fumble and a touchdown.

While Will Monday’s kick is not the longest in NCAA history, it is the furthest kick when winds were below 40MPH.

The longest kick is attributed to Pat Brady of Nevada, who in 1950 kicked a 99 yarder while playing against Loyola Marymount. Brady was playing under favorable conditions with winds helping to carry his punt into the defenders field position.

Here’s the amazing punt from Thursday nights game.


Sometimes the ball just bounces your way, and, in the case of Will Monday’s kick, the ball bounced his way many times.