‘Hong Kong Phooey’ And ‘Marvin The Martian’ Test Footage Arrives Online [Video]

Test footage for the live action comedies Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin the Martian have found its way onto the internet.

Although Hong Kong Phooey is still rumored to be in development with Eddie Murphy as the titular kung fu canine, not much has been said about Marvin the Martian in a while. The project was announced in 2008, and a release date was tentatively scheduled for 2011. However, the film never made its way into theaters.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it’s likely that both projects are dead in the water. Since Marvin the Martian missed its 2011 theatrical release date, it’s believed the film may never see the light of day. Had the project come to fruition, it’s believed Mike Myers would have provided the voice of the lovably destructive alien.

The embedded clip opens with a bit from the Hong Kong Phooey film, which finds Eddie Murphy providing the voice for the kung fu-dispensing canine.

After demonstrating his skills to a feline sidekick, our hero decides to get a drink from a bathroom toilet. When the cat tells him what humans tend to do in toilets, Phooey decides to wash his mouth out using water from a nearby urinal. It gets a little nastier from there.

The Marvin the Martian piece is more of a standalone short than mere test footage. Packaged as a Looney Tunes-style cartoon, “Yule Be Sorry” follows the adventures of boy who receives the tiny alien as a Christmas present.

According to Collider, director Alex Zamm was charged with bringing Hong Kong Phooey to the big screen. His previous credits include Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts and the 1998 Carrot Top comedy Chairman of the Board.

The test footage can be found below.

As of this writing, it’s unknown if Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin the Martian will ever find their way into theaters.