Lexus LS+ Showcase Is One Luxurious And Sexy Take On Self-Driving Cars, Autonomous By 2020

Lexus is now entering the era of autonomous cars — but with a bang.

The luxury car-maker has just launched their highly praised concepts reveal show. The Lexus LS+ concept is a "riff on the new-generation LS flagship sedan that features partial autonomous driving," according to Car & Driver.

Though the LS+ Concept is quite similar to the LS flagship launched last January, there are still key differences like the new iteration of its front grille. The front of the car also has laser effects on its headlamps.

The LS+, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show, showcases an automated model that is expected to be fully deployed by 2020.

The LS+ Concept is also said to have the capacity to make smart decisions along the way. It can actively change lanes and maintain safe distance between cars, in addition to other technological improvements like Autopilot, Super Cruise, Traffic Jam Pilot, ProPilot, and more.

Lexus LS+ Concept also has the "Highway Teammate," an advanced driver assist system (ADAS) that will basically empower most of its self-driving capabilities.

According to The Verge, the ADAS can automate driving "from entrance ramp to exit ramp on motor-vehicle-only roadways."

Once "Highway Teammate" is released on Lexus LS+ Concept, the car will be placed alongside Tesla, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac who all have autonomous driving features.

Lexus previously announced that they were already conducting higher-tech versions of the driverless cars in California.

In a preview video, the Lexus LS+ was seen asking the driver whether it should pass a slower-moving car and it did after the approval of voice command.

The savvy Lexus LS+ is looking all the more promising with its voice command feature. Lexus International President Yoshihiro Sawa also added that the software can be easily updated using "over-the-air connection."

"These updates make it possible to introduce new functionalities or improve existing ones, enabling the gradual expansion for an ever better service.
"Moreover, we will also employ artificial intelligence that learns from the big data related to roads and surroundings to dramatically improve the car's perceptive and decision-making capabilities."
Sawa said Lexus is aiming to stick to their next generational approach on L-finesse design philosophy.

So far, the concept showcase is all that is there to the LS+. The car-maker did not announce any pre-order until the said launch for 2020.

[Featured Image by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]