‘Fortnite’ PvE Daily Rewards Improving Retroactively, Earn A Legendary Hero In The Fortnitemares Event

When the 1.8 update for Fortnite releases tomorrow, the Save the World PvE campaign will undergo a number of changes. In addition to kicking off the Fortnitemares Halloween event, daily reward improvements and other quality-of-life fixes will occur. Players will no longer receive experience as a daily reward. Instead, players will obtain items, resources, or even Upgrade Llamas.

Players will receive these new daily rewards retroactively, too. Any item of epic quality or higher from daily rewards will be added to players’ accounts even for previous logins. Moving forward, items from the daily reward login will be rare or higher, and Fortnite players can expect more Upgrade Llamas than before. These daily reward changes are listed alongside other major changes in the 1.8 patch notes on the Epic Games website.

User interface and other quality-of-life changes are also included in the 1.8 update. The way schematics look in the menu will now be uniform. The card appearance of Hero, Defenders, Transform keys, and other items are now visually improved as well. They should be easier to read with better indications of what can be upgraded. Not to mention, the way players interact with Defenders is improved. Players can call in a Defender, select their weapon, and give them ammunition all from the defender screen.

Fortnite Fortnitemares event adds new weapons and traps
The Grave Digger assault rifle includes a larger magazine. [Image by Epic Games]

The Fortnite 1.8 patch notes also details the Fortnitemares event starting tomorrow. The event includes the new Hexsylvania zone with 36 new quests. Players can earn candy from quests and alert missions to purchase Spooky Llamas. Eight new heroes, two for each class, are part of the event. Players can find these new heroes in the llamas or unlock them by completing a new Fortnitemares collection. Just playing through the Hexsylvania quests will also reward these new heroes. Specifically, the Legendary Bloodfinder A.C. Pathfinder Outlander hero can be earned for completing the missions.

The Halloween event also introduces two new traps and two themed weapons. The Ceiling Drop Trap and the Floor Freezing Trap offer players a way bounce tires on enemies or stop them in their tracks. The Jack-O-Launcher and Grave Digger assault rifle are also included in the patch, though for a limited time.

As the Inquisitr reported, the current Horde Bash event and Scavenger Tickets will be retired with the 1.8 update. Every 1,000 Scavenger Tickets will be converted into a Scavenger Llama. Values less than that will not be converted. As soon as the Horde Bash event ends, the Fortnitemares event in Fortnite will begin.

[Featured Image by Epic Games]