Graphic Halloween Decorations Go Horribly Wrong After Community Reacts With Disgust

It’s Halloween season, and all over the United States, people are stretching their creativity to come up with original and unique displays, costumes, and decorations to make the most of the age-old scary-fun annual tradition. But some trick-or-treaters may have gone too far.

A family living in Waretown, New Jersey, created an eerily realistic scene depicting a horrific car crash. A body of an unidentified person — actually a dummy, but too lifelike for some to notice at first glance — can be seen lodged between the car and a tree. The car, a white Toyota Supra, is covered in fake blood, while another body lays strewn motionless on the ground not far from the vehicle. The entire display is surrounded by yellow crime scene tape.

According to a report by ABC7’s Eyewitness News, the family responsible for the disturbing display says they have received more compliments than complaints. Kevin and Krysten Negrotto, the creatives behind the accident scene, clarified that the two bodies featured in the exhibit are actually members of the “living dead,” named Zombie Cindy and Zombie Bob.

The Negrottos already had an old disused Toyota Supra sitting in their yard, taking up space. So they decided to make use of the scrap car in their Halloween display.

“Instead of it being in the way, we turned it into the main attraction,” Kevin said.

Moreover, the Negrottos told of the many positive responses they’ve received as neighbors pass by. Some people even honk their horns as they drive past the scene, indicating that they tacitly approve of the Negrottos’ unique Halloween creativity.

“This is a bus stop. All the kids love it. They think it’s great.”

But, unfortunately, not everyone in the neighborhood is as enthusiastic about the staged accident, with some saying that they find the scene inappropriate.

“I think it’s too much,” Renee Reeves, a local, said. “We have a lot of young kids here, families. Too much.”

Even the police were called to the Negrottos’ home to notify them of the complaints they had received. However, Krysten took to Facebook to tell her friends that the police officers had thoroughly enjoyed the display.

“They LOVED it and are encouraging us to add more! They think it is awesome,” she wrote. “And it’s a free country! So thanks for the call, Waretown PD approved.”

According to Kevin, a few people are disturbed by the authenticity of their Halloween installation.

“They think it’s too real. Maybe it hits home too much for some people. And I get that, but it’s Halloween. It’s clearly fake,” Kevin said.

Kelly Finan, a Waretown local, said, “I love it, I think it’s fun. I don’t understand people who had issues with it. To each his own.”

As for the rest of Kevin and Krysten’s yard, its littered with more traditional Halloween decorations.

[Featured Image by Mel Evans/AP Images]